If a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, can it cause a hurricane in a different part of the world?  That theory does exist.  What we do know for sure, though, is that a rainstorm in Vermont can cause good fortune in Western New York.

A little over a week ago, Killington Resort was scheduled to hold a USSA “A” mogul competition but some unfortunate torrential rainfalls destroyed the mogul field and eventually, when the temperature dropped shortly thereafter, turned the slope into an unskiable sheet of ice.  The decision was made to cancel the competition.

At that point, a dedicated group of parents began exploring options for other locations to hold the event. On Thursday, Jan. 31, HoliMont decided that it would host the event and in approximately 48 hours, the Downspout slope, which previously only had mounds of manmade snow on it, was groomed out, bumped up and turned into a mogul course worthy of a sanctioned competition.

On Feb. 3, 44 freestyle participants came to HoliMont from neighboring Holiday Valley, Killington, Waterville Valley, Bristol, Gould, Hunter, Killington Mountain School and Seven Springs. Thanks to the hard work of the mountain crew, FLITE Team instructors, racing and parent volunteers who worked far into the night to get the bumps ready for the competition, the meet was a tremendous success.

In the first meet, Allison Benedict from Killington came in first in the Women’s Overall.  HoliMont’s own Maggie Ryan came in second and Georgia Wood from Killington Mountain School was third.

On the men’s side, Robbie Andison from HoliMont took first place, showing off an impressive combination of aerial spins and speed through the bumps. Abe Studler from Killington was second and Trevor Wahl from Killington took third.

For the second women’s meet of the day, Allison Benedict from Killington was first, Maggie Ryan from HoliMont took second and Georgia Wood from Killington Mountain School took third place.

Once again, HoliMont’s Robbie Andison captured first place on the men’s side. Holiday Valley’s own Adam Zuckerman secured an impressive second place finish and Brian Kroetz from Bristol took third place.

HoliMont’s “B” Moguls Team at Holiday Valley 

Also on Feb. 3, the “B” mogul team competed at Holiday Valley, where HoliMont’s FLITE Team had a solid showing.

Females: Elissa Cole 1st in age, 1st overall; Lexi Crotty 2nd in age, 3rd overall; Magdeline Vasatka 2nd in age, 4th overall; Kenedy Cooper 3rd in age, 5th overall; Marissa Vasatka 4th in age, 6th overall; Alliy Hansen 4th in age, 12th overall; Emma Hawkes 8th in age, 14th overall; Hayleigh Holland 10th in age, 17th overall; Samantha Morrell 11th in age, 22nd overall; Riley Morrell 3rd in age, 25th overall.

Males: Griffen Hansen 1st in age, 7th overall; Lucas Goodin 5th in age, 8th overall; Parker Johnston 1st in age, 10th overall; Jared Smolinski 6th in age, 11th overall; Sean Ryan 2nd in age, 13th overall; Reese Cooper 4th in age, 15th overall; Ryan Henri 9th in age, 17th overall; Travis Goodin 10th in age, 22nd overall; Cameron Evans 5th in age, 23rd overall; Nicholas O›Neill 19th in age, 36th overall; Matthew Voelkl 4th in age, 46th overall; Evan Dermott 5th in age, 48th overall.

In the moguls competition, HoliMont’s Elissa Cole took the overall top spot, with Lexi Crotty securing 3rd overall in the top three female category.

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