Holiday Valley and Mercy Flight teamed up this winter to create a fun event that not only raised money, but also raised awareness for the local emergency helicopter service. During the Winter Carnival and Pond Skimming events, 500 rubber ducks were sold for $10 each.

The plan was to drop the ducks from the Mercy Flight helicopter over a target pond and the owner of the duck that landed in the pond would split the funds 50/50 with Mercy Flight. However, weather and turbulence prevented the helicopter from flying, so the Holiday Valley crew went to “Plan B.” On Saturday, April 4, the 500 ducks were launched into the creek in front of the Holiday Valley Lodge. With the warm spring weather, the water was running high and the ducks quickly made their way to the finish line downstream. Duck number 202 swam right into the target, earning his owner, Andrew Creager $2,500! Mercy Flight also received $2,500 from the event.