Dave Stringfellow is a year round employee at Holiday Valley who shifts from ski patrol activities three seasons a year to a monitor and first aid administrator at Sky High during the summer months.

As a full-time ski patroller, Stringfellow has several major off-season patrol related responsibilities. He is the architect of literally miles of fencing that is installed during the winter. He is in charge of lift evacuation equipment, caches and actual lift evacuation drills during the off-season and ski season. The lifts are frequently used during the off-season for social as well as athletic events.

He has written both the summer and winter chairlift evacuation plan documents necessary for the state regulators. Stringfellow is also in charge of maintenance and upgrading of all signage at the resort for hill identification and state inspections in the winter, and the control of summer guests who use the trails for hiking and mountain biking.

During the fall preparation for the ski season, he is the patrol’s advisor and instructor for evacuation procedures and training for all resort departments from mountain crew, ski instructors, safety patrol as well as the required ski patrol.

During the ski season, he is a true example of “Joe Patroller.” He runs toboggans, drives snowmobiles, dispatches, and performs OEC skills as necessary. He is in the patrol room at 7 a.m. ready to set up the hill five days a week. He’s even known to occasionally hike to the top of the mountain and sneak in a few runs before the lifts open.

Stringfellow is also a CPR/AED and OEC instructor and first responder for his local ambulance squad.

After serving every administrative position possible on patrols and in the region, including region director, he has just relinquished the region treasurer position. National Ski Patrol awards are not new to him — in 2009, he was honored with the Distinguished Service Award.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Stringfellow continues to set an example for the younger patrollers of what can be accomplished as a leader on their patrol, region, division and as a National Ski Patrol patroller.

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