On Jan. 18, Holiday Valley will be opening its Riglet Park, a specialized teaching area for children 3–5 years old located at the Outpost at the base of School Haus East adjacent to the Creekside Lodge.

“The Riglet Park allows us to teach snowboarding to the very young in a way that they will love the experience. We now have equipment and a lesson area that takes their size and physical capabilities into consideration,” said Rich Rumfola, supervisor of Holiday Valley’s Mountain Adventures Children’s Program.

The program utilizes flexible Burton snowboards, as small as 80 centimeters  that are specially designed for young children. The snowboards have beveled edges and convex bases to help prevent falls and a “Riglet Reel,” a retractable leash that enables the coach to pull the child around the park and over the features. The boots are soft and comfortable featuring easy entry Velcro closures.

The park is built on flat terrain with mini rollers, banked turns and very low-level boxes and rails. As the coach pulls the child over the features using the Riglet Reel, they learn snowboarding skills by experience. The learning curve is shortened and the kids finish the lesson feeling like real snowboarders.

Once they learn the skills in the Riglet Park, the kids will move on to gentle slopes and eventually all over the mountain.