This week, Holiday Valley announced they are planning a $3.2 million upgrade this year.

“As an independent resort we are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish in our 61 year history,” according to Dennis Eshbaugh, president. “Together with this year’s projects we have reinvested over $130 million in the resort over the past 25 years. What this means is better experiences for our visitors throughout the year.”

Highlights include expanded automated snowmaking, a new groomer, a conveyor lift on Slippery Streets, slope work including several “tree trails” for kids and a new shuttle van. Summer projects at Sky High Adventure Park include a Tarzan swing on Riptide in the Aerial Park, and creation of the Happy Holiday Gem Mining Company.

A total of $250,000 is dedicated to automated snowmaking improvements. Holiday Valley began installing HKD Klix automated snowmaking in 2011 and has been expanding the system each year. Holiday Valley has the largest and most powerful HKD automated snowmaking system on the east coast.

Automation has the advantage of quick startups and shutdowns, so even if favorable snowmaking temperatures exist for just a couple of hours, the system can make snow efficiently. The Klix system also has weather stations that monitor temperature and humidity so the guns can automatically and individually adjust to changes. The result is a better quantity and quality of snow made with less energy.

The grooming crew will add a new Pisten Bully 100 grooming machine to their fleet of 6 Pisten Bully 600’s. This machine has a smaller blade and tiller for shaping and maintaining terrain park features and other areas that require finer work including shaped snow learning terrain for beginners. The new groomer will also have an attachment for setting one or two cross country tracks on the resort’s 15 km of cross country trails.

Slippery Streets is an integral part of Holiday Valley’s beginner’s terrain and is currently serviced by a handle tow. A new conveyor lift (moving sidewalk) will replace the handle tow and will make the trip up the hill much easier and enjoyable for beginners, especially snowboarders.

The Holiday Valley Mountain Crew will be cleaning out downed trees and branches in the woods between the slopes this summer to increase the area available for woods skiing and riding. They will also be creating “Tree Trails” that wind through the woods designed to give kids (of all ages) fun adventures off piste.

Visitors to Sky High Adventure Park this summer will be able to try the “Tarzan Swing” on the intermediate level course, Riptide. Climbers will grab a rope attached to a trolley and travel across to a cargo net where they’ll climb up to the next platform. Younger children will get a chance to try panning for treasures at the new Happy Holiday Gem Mine located at the base area of Sky High.

Several other projects are underway, and plans are being made for a Family Golf and Fun Center for 2019 to include mini-golf, video games, a snack bar and other activities family friendly activities.