By Caitlin Croft

The junior alpine race season kicked off on Christmas Eve with the Ely Leene Christmas Slaloms. This race has become tradition for many first-year U16 athletes as it is their first chance to get points and they are challenged by having to compete against U19/U21 and Seniors. In ski racing, the lower your points are, the better of a skier you are. Think golf and handicaps— the lower your handicap, the better the golfer you are. This race held at Brantling in Sodus, NY consisted of two full races, four individual runs each with a different course set.

Holiday Valley (HV) U16 ladies broke out with a strong showing with Logan Fredrickson taking gold, followed by Lauren Thomas, Sierra Cappelli and Hayly Fredrickson. Next up was fellow HV athlete Caroline Derose in 16th. For the U21/U19 ladies, HV’s Taylor Hubert finished 9th.

On the men’s side for the first race, U19/U21 Nathan Briselden walked away with a bronze medal. Joshua Allegra, also of Holiday Valley, finished 15th. U16 Ross Fuller (HV) finished 14th in his age division.

For the second race, the U16 ladies once again swept 1st through 4th, finishing in the same order: Logan Fredrickson 1st, Lauren Thomas 2nd, Sierra Cappelli 3rd and Hayly Fredrickson 4th. Caroline Derose improved her second run finishing in an impressive 13th after starting from the back of the pack.

U21/U19 Taylor Hubert finished in 8th place and Phoebe Dunn finished 13th.

In the second race for the men, Briselden improved upon his third place finish taking the silver medalm with Allegra finishing 12th. For the U16 menm Dalton Potter of Holiday Valley finished 10th with teammates Mitchell Azcarate, Ross Fuller and William Dunn finishing 13th, 20th and 32nd, respectively.

The next race for the U16/21/19 athletes will be held at HoliMont on New Year’s Eve.