By Stan Pawlak

This past weekend, the Holiday Valley Freestyle Team competed at HoliMont in mogul events on Saturday and Sunday. This was an Eastern Qualifying Series event and after all was done, HVFT ended the weekend as the champions of the FLITE Cup. This trophy is awarded each year to the team who has the most points based on podium results.

Every first place result accounts for three points, while second place is given two points and third place is given one point.

In the two events, Holiday Valley accumulated a total of 41 points to come away with the team victory.

On Saturday, Bella Bacon took the overall victory for the girls, while Caleb Darnley took 2 nd  overall for the boys. Also, cracking the top 10 were Sydney Saunders (7th), Zoe Schaab (8th), and Brooke Butler (9th). For the boys, Bennett Socha (7th) and Corgan Garrison (10th) both finished in the top 10.

On Sunday, five girls and four boys finished in the top 10 for Holiday Valley: Bella Bacon (2nd), Patsy Oberholzer (6th), Summer Celani (7th), Brooke Butler (8th), and Sydney Saunders (10th).

The top 10 boys were Corgan (3rd), William Hamilton (5th), Matt LaRusch (8th), and Caleb Darnley (10th).

For the different age groups, Holiday Valley had several podium results. In the F13 division, Bella Bacon took the victory both days and on Sunday she landed a 720 for her bottom jump.

Winning in their age groups on Saturday were Bennett Socha (M11) and Caleb Darnley (M17).

On Sunday, Corgan Garrison took the win in the M17 division. Sarah Barnum took home the silver medal both days in the F11 division, while Corgan Garrison (M17) also took a silver on Saturday.

On Sunday, Patsy Oberholzer (F13), William Hamilton (M13), and Caleb Darnley (M17) all earned silver medals.Chris Edwards (M11) had third place podium finish both days while Zoe Schaab (F13) and Sam Edwards (M13) each won the bronze on Saturday and Summer Celani (F13) and Bennett Socha (M11) won bronze on Sunday.

The next event will see seven team members traveling to Killington, VT for an Eastern Championship Series event. Holiday Valley will host an Eastern Qualifying Series event Feb. 4-5. A mogul event will be held on Saturday and two slopestyle events will be held on Sunday.