The Hottest Outerwear Trends This Season

By Alicia Dziak 

Sure, being out on the mountain this winter is all about the skiing and snowboarding, flying down the hill with the crisp winter air hitting your face, riding back to the top and doing it all over again. But the trails are also like a downhill, snow-covered fashion runway, and being a trendsetter on the slopes is a breeze when you live or hang in EVL!

Top-notch ski and board shops can be found throughout the village and at the resorts, and becoming a style icon is as easy as stopping into one of them.

And just what are the big trends that will get you noticed this season?

For one, backcountry style has made its way to the forefront. According to Snowsports Industries America (SIA), high-tech, high-performance clothing is in. Top new features include seamless shoulders that are more comfortable when wearing a backpack, longer cuts to accommodate waist belts and relocated pockets for easier access in the backcountry.

At City Garage, owner Sean Lowes said, “Our direction (this season) is based on fun and function,” adding they feature a lot of “multi-use layers to adapt to the changing weather conditions all day.”

One such product is their top-selling Skhoop skirts for women, the original down skirt that can be worn on the slopes and in town. The skirts come in an array of colors, including the shiny new “chrome.”

Do you prefer to blend in with nature rather than stick out from it? You’re in luck! SIA notes that the trend toward rich natural tones is stronger for the upcoming season than it has been in the recent past.

“We’re definitely seeing it trend back toward solid colors in earthy tones like brown, beige, dark green and dark orange,” said Spencer Timkey of The Boardroom, noting the trend is especially strong among men’s lines.

Samantha Timkey adds that other colors such as “rich reds, dark plums and purples” are also popular among the men’s outerwear this year.

However, don’t fret if being spotted from a mile away is more up your alley. “We’ve definitely focused on bright colors this season,” said Kim Reading of Mud Sweat and Gears, whose clothing racks feature a lot of bright pinks, blues and lime-y greens for both men and women.

And while solids are more in than in recent years past, funky patterns continue to pop up.

“For women, we’re seeing a lot of cute prints that have bright colors on dark backgrounds,” said Samantha Timkey of the Boardroom. And ladies—gone are the days when women wear a smaller version of the men’s style. “We’re seeing slimmer fits that are more flattering to women,” Samantha added.

Reading noted that as far as kids’ styles go, “We’re seeing tons of bright colors and patterns.” Cool patterns for the smaller set include stripes, florals and camo, all of which can be found at MSG’s newly-expanded children’s section.

Trends that are still holding strong are the fur-trimmed hood for women and color blocking for men.

Do you only shop off the sale rack? If being on the cutting edge of slopeside fashion takes a backseat to finding the best bargain, check out last year’s styles on the clearance racks all over town, or better yet, head to the huge tent sale going on the first two weekends in October. With last year’s goods from City Garage, Mud Sweat N’ Gears and Dekdebruns all up for grabs, you’re sure to snag some super-cool gear at a great price!

You never know when you’re gonna inadvertently photo bomb a fellow skier or boarder, or be caught off guard asking to smile for the Ellicottville Times photographers as you’re waiting in line at the chairlift. Be prepared by looking awesome in the latest and greatest outerwear this season.

Fashion mogul or not, we love to see everyone’s unique style and love to hear from our readers. Show off your new digs by posting pics on our Facebook page and maybe we’ll even feature you in an upcoming issue!