KIMBeing a personal trainer is not just a really cool job title, it is also an amazing career choice.  This is a job where you can really make an impact on someone’s life and longevity, transform a client’s body and mindset, as well as, inspire them to be healthy and happy in all aspects of their lives.

However, not all trainers are cut from the same cloth. Over the years, I have worked under and alongside of several different trainers. I would consider just a few to be elite in the industry, while the others are no more than number counters in sweats.

So what makes a personal trainer elite?

Theses trainers are deeply passionate about their work and often take steps toward improving themselves, their craft and their knowledge base. Typically, they spend a great deal of time reading and working in the field with other professionals developing the skills and background knowledge. They are certified by nationally accredited organizations that require continued education units (CEU). An elite trainer looks at these CEUs as an opportunity to build their education and to learn new techniques. They strive to stay up to date on the latest research in the field that is constantly changing to advance themselves professionally, while the other trainers view these requirements as a bother.

An elite personal trainer will do more than just train their clients. They consult with them as well. There is a special relationship that develops between a client and a trainer who work really well together, a relationship built on trust, faith and commitment. The relationship will thrive and goals will be achieved as long as both participants pull their weight.

Typically, trainees need to work on improving their eating and hydrating habits. Sometimes a client just needs that enthusiastic push to get them to see the benefits of all the extra hard work they are putting in. Nothing sounds better to a trainer than hearing that their client is so pleased with their experience that they are now referring business. An elite trainer will take the extra time to communicate with their clients to make sure they are happy with the quality of their product.

Every trainer should want to take their business and the quality of their product to the next level. Just because you are a certified personal trainer does not mean you are done with developing your knowledge or experience in the fitness industry.

As in any profession, from medical to massage, you are the consumer and may the best trainer win your patronage. So, as the potential customer/client/ trainee, it is up to you to do your due diligence when looking for the right professional to help you accomplish your goals.