KIMMore and more women understand the benefits of strength training, i.e. weight lifting. There is clear evidence that lifting weights is not only beneficial to building strength in our bodies but also for longevity. Plus, women are finally realizing that weight training will not make them too big or later turn muscle into fat if they stop lifting.

Here are some of the best moves women can do for their bodies.

1. Push-ups: This move defines and strengthen the deltoids, triceps and chest. Even if you can’t nail the traditional military style push-up, the variations will work wonders too.

2. Triceps dip: As women age, their arms soften. A simple dip, which can be done anywhere, helps firm up the arms.

3. Pull-up: Although tough at first, a pull-up strengthens the back muscles and the lats, as well as the shoulders and biceps.

4. Squat: The squat targets the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. By building up these areas, you can increase your calories burned, which helps weight control.

5. Lunge: Much like the squat, the lunge is crucial for leg strength, balance and prevention of osteoporosis of the hips.

6. Reverse dumbbell fly: This works the upper back muscles, which keep the shoulders from falling forward. It greatly improves posture and helps prevent osteoporosis.

7. Back extensions: This move is great for the lower back and can be easily done by placing your hips on a Swiss ball and feet against a wall. With a gentle and controlled lift you will be helping to strengthen your core and keep your body in proper alignment.

8. Row: Whether you use a machine or a set of dumbbells, this move also greatly improves posture and upper back muscles.

9. Crunch: The crunch is best done on a stability ball for added safety. Strong abs are the key to a healthy core, as they support the lower back and spine and ensure proper alignment.

10. Walking: Walking improves your aerobic endurance and reduces stress. It’s easy and it can help decrease the risk of coronary heart disease.