KIMOne of the key factors in a successful workout is getting the training day rotations right. One of the best ways to ensure that is with a push/pull rotation.

Push Session

A push routine is just that — a routine that focuses on using exercises that force the body to push. Some key exercises in a push session include bench press, standing press, triceps rope press down and dips.

Complete three sets of the first three exercises with 10 repetitions and then max out with the triceps dips.

You can also include a few key lower body movements into this routine such as squats and standing or seated calf raises with higher reps and two to three sets.

Pull Session

Your next rotation of workouts will revolve around the pulling exercises.  Implement a bent-over row, wide-grip pulldown and a reverse-grip pulldown.

Utilize the same repetitions and set scheme as the push routine, and include lower body movements such as the stiff legged deadlift and reverse hyperextensions.

This is a very simple routine, but it works well because it allows maximum rest for the muscles and does not overload the synergistic assister groups in each exercise.

Tearing Down to Build Back Up

After a hardcore workout, the muscles need time for two key factors to occur.

The first factor is adequate recovery. The process of working out tears the muscle fibers down, requiring adequate time to rebuild larger and stronger.

Muscles also need additional time to grow.  An important concept to remember is that we tear down muscles while working and we experience true growth during those rest periods.