By Kim Duke, NETA & AFAA Certified Trainer 

In this week’s “Sweat This! Not That!” let’s look at ways to burn more calories while doing your workouts.

To burn more fat while doing cardio…

Choose short, high-intensity cardio bursts vs. keeping a steady-state cardio.

In one Australian study, volunteers rode a stationary bike for either 40 minutes at a steady pace or 20 minutes of intervals alternating 8 seconds of sprints with 12 seconds of pedaling. After 15 weeks, the sprinters had lost three times as much body fat, including thigh and core flab.  “Bursts of speed may stimulate a fat-burning response within the muscles” said lead researcher Ethlyn Gail Trapp, PhD.

To burn more fat while running…

Choose to run outdoors vs. running on a treadmill.

Propelling yourself on land is more challenging than on an indoor treadmill.  Ever changing surfaces, weather and inclines will give you more of a challenge than your indoor treadmill, even if it has programs to simulate different inclines.

If you absolutely insist on the treadmill…

Choose to walk at 2-4 mph on a treadmill at a 15 percent incline vs. running 7 mph on a treadmill set at a zero percent incline.

Walking uphill on a treadmill is equally challenging, and it’s easier on the knees than joint-pounding jogging, according to a study from A.T. Still University. Whenever you use a treadmill, use at least a slight incline. When your treadmill is set at zero, the belt is helping you move, and that means you’re actually burning fewer calories than if you just went for a walk outside.

Stay tuned for more Sweat This! Not That!