Core Performance Fitness and Training is excited to announce that Nicole Alter will be joining our power-packed team.  Nicole is not only a NCSF certified personal trainer, but is also certified in nutrition, meal prepping and 1st phorm supplementation.

Nicole spent much of her young adult life as a motorcross racer, even going pro at age 24.  To reach that level of racing, you need to keep your body in great shape.  This is when Nicole stated her love for strength training took shape, and in 2014, Nicole focused her attention on getting certified as a personal trainer.

Getting certified as a personal trainer and actually training people requires time and experience, so Nicole took a job at the YMCA in Olean to develop her skill set.  There she taught a variety of classes and started training clients.  She also kept adding certifications to develop a stronger brand.

Unlike the other trainers at Core Performance, Nicole is a body builder first and foremost.  She brings a different perspective to our fitness studio and will be developing classes with her unique flair.  Nicole herself is always working on her body, which is quite evident upon meeting her.  But, don’t take my word for it- check her out on facebook at or on Instagram at  Another quality that sets Nicole apart is that she is a night owl.  Nicole prefers to work later versus earlier in the day, offering a whole new set of time slots available for training.

Nicole is available for personal training all nights of the week except for Wednesdays.  You can reach her through email at NicoleAlter@17Elite.Fitness or by calling Core Performance Fitness and Training at (716) 698-1198.