By Kim Duke

NETA & AAFA Certified Trainer

KidsFit is what you get when you pair Molly Eshbach’s passion for gymnastics with my passion for fitness.  This program was designed to stimulate our youngest athlete, ages 3-6, by challenging their ability to cooperate, listen and play.  Molly always included a tumbling element and taught the kiddos the importance of movements big and small.  She taught them stretches and exercises that will be useful throughout their lifetime.

KidsFit was all about building on each child’s strengths and giving them opportunities to learn some oldschool games like duck-duck-goose, Simon Says, and to jump over Jake the Snake.  Some days, parents and grandparents were encouraged to practice these games at home to better acquaint our youngest participants.  And a day did not go by where parents would not tell Molly, myself, or our newest instructor, Melinda Jones, that their child did not love the class and could not wait for Mondays with Molly.

Molly will be heading to Pittsburgh this fall to finish her degree, but promises to bring her brand of KidsFit back in January.

But, don’t fret, because KidsFit is here to stay at CORE PERFORMANCE Fitness and Training.  Melinda Jones will be starting our new program this Monday, Aug. 22.  The class will be for kids ages 7-10, and runs from 4 to 4:45 p.m.  Cost is $25 for 5 classes.

Melinda, who is a fully certified fitness instructor, also has a BS degree in social work.  She has a wealth of experience working with the public and enough enthusiasm to break the bank.  Melinda will be gearing up to teach our next group of kiddos more skills and focus on core strength moves, while keeping it fun and playful.  Again, cooperation and listening will be a central theme and proper body form and movement taught too.

CORE PERFORMANCE’s main goal is to inspire our kiddos to keep moving and to stay fit for a lifetime.  Our plan is to keep kids a part of the CORE PERFORMANCE FITNESS COMMUNITY and to teach them the fitness knowledge to keep them strong, injury resistant and healthy as they develop and grow into adults.

For more information contact CORE PERFORMANCE at (716) 698-1198 or visit us on Facebook at Core Performance Health and Fitness.