Core Performance is excited to announce that our friend and fitness inspiration, Debbie Golley Fredrickson, has completed her certification as a personal trainer.  Core Performance prides itself on offering top-notch classes and training to all fitness levels, and Debbie has been a rising star in this arena from the beginning of Core’s inception.

Way back in 2009, Core Performance was called Hardcore Fitness Studio and resided in the 1887 Building.  Group fitness classes were held in the old gymnasium, which was dusty, old and had no mirrors.

Back then, I did not know Debbie Fredrickson, but she was one of the first people to come to the classes.  She attended religiously and, as always, stood in the far right back corner of the gym.  Debbie never missed a class and always worked out like it was her job.

When Core Performance moved to Kody Sprague’s Ellicottville Square off of Fillmore Drive, Debbie followed. She was still a regular and then, an instructor. She was a natural and was the only one who would teach at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m.

Debbie has been a staple at Core Performance and after a little coaxing, worked diligently on her certification classes to become a personal trainer. Her final step was to be completed at Brockport College.  As usual, Debbie kept quiet about much of this since she hates to draw attention to herself.  But, on April 7, 2017, it was official.

To celebrate adding to our Core Performance family of trainers, we are offering a Spring Special: eight 30-minute personalized training sessions for $160.  This package is only valid during the months of May and June 2017.  This is our way of helping you reach your fitness goals effectively and efficiently.

To take advantage of this offer, please call Debbie at (716) 474-5176 or Kim at (716) 698-1198.