By Mary Fox

The regular meeting of the Great Valley Town Board was opened by Deputy Supervisor Ted LaCroix at 7 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 13, 2012.

A motion was made for Highway Superintendent Jack Harrington to begin negotiations with the Cattaraugus County Highway Department concerning the proposed takeover of Mutton Hollow Road by the Town. The road must be brought up to specs, including sluice pipes and ditching, before the town will consider taking it over.

The Planning Board Chairwoman Yvonne Darts, reported:

Final approval has been given to Rick Howard’s multiuse facility on Route 219 for a beauty parlor and storage units.

Plans have been approved conditionally for the Kay Kent subdivision between Christian Hollow and Mutton Hollow Rds. Twelve lots of his farm are being developed off Christian Hollow and three off a private drive off Mutton Hollow Road.

Approval has been given to Karl Northrup to move his business to the Johnson Brothers property.

The Zoning Board Chairman Stephen Ginniti reported a public meeting will be held this Thursday, Aug. 16. at 7 p.m. to discuss criteria the state wants to place on the zoning laws in reference to the Corey Brown Gravel Pit. The gravel pit was purchased by Corey Brown in 2008 before the town zoning law went into effect, allowing no new mines or expansion of mines in the Town of Great Valley. At the time, the mine was not being used by Cory Brown. A prospective buyer, Fred Perkins, wants to continue mining and wants to expand it. He feels in approximately five years it will be mined out, at which time he would fill it in with a lake and develop lots around it. Consideration will be given to adjoining residents in making a decision.

The town barns will be moved to the old Northrup site. The town barns will be taken over by the Tim Hortons facility.

Building Code Officer Rob Germain reported that owners Geraldine Meacham and Clayton Williams did not appear for court to answer charges placed against them to clean up or tear down the building on their property on Route 98 next to the Great Valley Creek, formerly known as the Great Valley Inn. Germain will revise paperwork and serve another summons.

Highway Superintendent Jack Harrington reported that blocks are in place for salt/sand storage building, with set-up to begin tentatively on Aug. 16.

Under Old Business, resident Jim Evans brought up the regatta security bill from the county for $10,420 for full-time coverage of the Great Valley Regatta. He reported that the fire company had discussed the bill with the sheriff’s department and they will pay the full amount, but will negotiate further for security for next year’s event.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:17 p.m. The next meeting will take place Sept. 10.

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