By Colleen Mahoney

Great Valley Town Supervisor Dan Brown asked for the public’s opinion on creating a town-managed sewer system on the Route 219 corridor.

Brought up during the Nov. 9 town board meeting, Brown explained that the town can potentially conserve land by adding a sewer system, since currently each new development uses two acres of land for sewer and water systems.

“I think we should review our comprehensive plan and find out what direction we want the town to go in,” Brown said.

According to Brown, the current comprehensive plan is about 10 years old, and installing a town maintained sewer system has been previously discussed. The 219 corridor, which connects Great Valley to Ellicottville, is ideal for business development, Brown said.

“People have to drive through here to get to Ellicottville … and they can’t wait to get through,” Brown said. “There is nothing here. It makes sense to look into a sewer system,” which would make it easier to promote commercial growth.

Brown suggested that the system could be built in phases and he would speak to engineers. It’s doubtful there would be more discussion until 2016, Brown said, but he would be open to having a public hearing to gain input from residents.

Town Clerk Toni Evans agreed with Brown, supporting both a sewer system and public hearing.

“This could be a really exciting time … I think we do need to open the dialogue with residents,” Evans said.

A bill from the Town of Ellicottville for its East Tank Project in the amount of $1,145 was mailed to the town of Great Valley. Evans brought it to the board’s attention, stating she was unsure why Great Valley had received it.

After reviewing the bill, the board determined it was for Great Valley’s share of the project, which covers residents of SnowPine Village who are connected to the Town of Ellicottville’s water system. Attorney Peter Sorgi advised the board to ask for clarification of the charges.

The board approved selling the town’s 1990 Mack Truck 10-wheeler dump truck to the Giardini Brothers, in the amount of $2,250.

The next Great Valley Town Board meeting will be held Monday, Dec. 14, at 7 p.m. at the town hall. All are welcomed.