By Kellen M. Quigley

After discussing the potential changes in August’s meeting, the Great Valley Town Board scheduled a public hearing concerning zoning changes for their Oct. 8 meeting.

“This will be a local change for down in the Ellicott Street area,” said Town Supervisor Daniel Brown. “We’re looking to change the zoning to allow manufactured homes at the end of that street where it becomes Great Valley.”

Presently, people aren’t allowed to install manufactured homes on that street, which begins in the city of Salamanca, according to Great Valley zoning laws, Brown explained.

“There’s that issue down there that there are two zones,” said Chris Schena, chair of the town’s planning and zoning boards.

Of the two zones, one of them doesn’t allow for manufactured homes, Schena said. He said the opinion of the planning and zoning board is that there should really only be one zone, not two.

“There are some homes down there that were there before zoning, and there’s nothing we can do about them,” he said. “But when we get approached by people who want to put some in there, we couldn’t allow it because of the zoning on one side of the street wouldn’t let it, but the zoning across the street would.”

The proposed change to the zoning would be the town’s second local law of 2018, Brown said. After the public hearing scheduled for Oct. 8, the town board would vote that night on the change.

“The board figured it would be better to make everything the same down there,” Schena added.

IN OTHER NEWS, the town is planning another round of installing memorialized bricks with names on them at the memorial park this fall.

“We have quite a few to do,” Brown said. “We’re going to try to do it later in September or early part of October, before the weather gets bad.”

Cost of a memorial brick is $95. For those interested in purchasing a brick, call the town clerk or Brown at the town hall, 945-4200, and they’ll add the name to the list.

“There are 5 bricks to be done in the next couple weeks,” he said. “If people want to honor a loved one, contact myself or the town clerk as soon as possible.”

The name of any Great Valley resident who passed away can be memorialized, Brown said, not only those who served in the military.

“I don’t know if we’ll get it all done before our October meeting, but we want to get started on it,” he added.

After some issues with trash left behind at the Kill Buck Memorial Pavillion, Brown said the town has made an agreement with Casella Waste to have a dumpster at the park.

“I thought that maybe would help keep it cleaner,” he explained. “They brought it down there and left it there during the community picnic, so I thought we’d try that.”

Brown said they plan to have the dumpster from May 1 to October 31. He said it would $20 a month to have it during the summer season and $35 per pick up.

“Maybe we’ll do away with October if we don’t have many rentals or anything going on up there,” he added.