The Nov. 11 Great Valley Town Board meeting was open by Town Supervisor Dan Brown and dedicated to Zach Ward and Lloyl Chase, town residents who passed away in the last month.

Property maintenance continues to be an issue. At the next board meeting on Dec. 10, the board will discuss what needs to be done to enact a local law regarding property maintenance. The New York Association of Towns provides guidelines for creating ordinances and laws. Supervisor Brown hopes Town Judges Peter Stokes and Scott John and Town Attorney Kathleen Moriarty will be present at this meeting to discuss what they would like to have in a local law for property maintenance.

Chris Shena, chairman of the Planning Board reported, “The board is looking into updating the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.” Input from the public is welcome before the Dec. 10 meeting.

Shena and other members of the Great Valley Planning Board will attend a planning board training class at Southern Tier West.

“One advantage of joining the organization is the opportunity to have the creation and monthly updating of a website for Great Valley,” he said. Shena will follow up.

Great Valley is already a member of Southern Tier West, but to be on the website, the membership fee will rise to $250.

Deputy Superintendent Ted LaCroix, member of the proposed Ellicottville/Great Valley Trail Committee, showed a map of the proposed trail.

At the request of the board, the Evans Insurance Agency was invited to review the town’s insurance for price and service comparison. A representative of the agency, Alan Butzer, gave a presentation for a municipal insurance package. He has been invited to make a proposal to the board.

The town’s current coverage is through the Weast Agency. Phil Moyer of Weast is invited to the Dec. 10 board meeting to discuss our current coverage, which is due for renewal Jan. 1, 2014. The carrier will be determined at a special board meeting on Dec. 30.

Bruce Hudson, newly appointed supervisor for the town of Carrollton was present for “idea gathering to see how other town boards operate.”