By Rick Miller

The Great Valley Town Board held its 2018 reorganization meeting Monday, Jan. 8 at the Town Hall following a special public meeting on a tax mistake that affected all taxpayers.

Salaries for 2018 were established for Supervisor Daniel Brown at $16,000; four councilmen at $2,200 each, $18,500 for Clerk Toni Evans, $11,800 each for two justices and $54,366 for Highway Superintendent Jack Harrington.

Other appointments and salaries include Debra Stokes, deputy clerk, no salary; Deputy Highway Superintendent, Randy Peplinski, extra week of vacation; Code Enforcement Officer Richard Rinko, $12,575; outside assessors (two) $10,000 each; Budget officers, Brown and Hildagarde Krause, $550.

Also: Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman Christopher Schena, $1,750; board members Stephen Ward, Donald Roll, Alois Puszcz, Jeffrey Ramsten and Amy Detine, $750 each; Planning Board Clerk Connie Brennan, $832; Assessment Review Board, Connie Brennan, Amy Detine, Sandra Goode, $150 each.

Other appointments include: Don Control Officer Eric Butler, $2,800; Town Historian Marilyn Siperik, $500; Youth Program Director Rebecca Pierce, $300; accountant and auditor, Berry & Berry CPAs, $9,800; Town Attorney, Hopkins, Sorgi & Morganawski, $10,000, and Town Hall custodian Charles Nannen, $13.50 per hour.

Members were named to the following committees:

• Highway — Jack Harrington, Daniel Brown Jerry Musall.

• Youth Program — Lori Finch, B. Kruszynski and Rebecca Pierce.

• Senior Citizens — Lori Finch, B. Kruszynski and Sandra Goode.

• Building — Daniel Brown, Jerry Musall and B. Bruszynski.

• Audit — Daniel Brown, Lori Finch and Sandra Goode.

The Olean Times Herald and Ellicottville Times were named the town’s official newspapers. Five Star Bank and M&T Bank were named official depositories.

The board also approved hourly wages for Highway Department employees ranging from $10.71 for part time, and ranging from $17 to $20.98 for full-time employees.

The Youth Program instructor will receive $12.40 per hour and youth aides will get $10.40 per hour.