Attorney Peter Sorgi, Councilwoman Ann Rockwell, Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer Rich Rinko and Deputy Supervisor Ted LaCroix.
Attorney Peter Sorgi, Councilwoman Ann Rockwell, Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer Rich Rinko and Deputy Supervisor Ted LaCroix.

By Mary Fox

The Jan. 13, 2014, reorganization meeting of the Great Valley Town Board was open at 7:05 p.m.

Newly elected Deputy Supervisor Ted LaCroix and council member Ann Rockwell were sworn in. A motion was made and carried to appoint Peter Sorgi, of Hopkins & Sorgi of East Aurora, N.Y., as town attorney. He is replacing Kathleen Moriarty.

The town’s official newspapers remain the Ellicottville Times and the Olean Times Herald.

Town Supervisor Dan Brown requested that Jeff Forster, town assessor, attend the February meeting to report on exemption applications.

Town Historian Marilyn Siperek is in the process of putting Great Valley’s history on the Great Valley website at She is asking the public for photographs of the town, which she will scan and return to the owner.

Chris Shena, chairman of the Great Valley Planning Board, reported that the committee will begin working on the comprehensive plan zoning laws in February.

Sorgi advised the town to enact a law of penalty for people that ignore the zoning law.

“Many municipalities charge for failure to attain a building permit before building, which could amount to three times the cost of the permit,” he explained.

This issue will be discussed at the Great Valley Planning Board meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 12.

A resolution to accept the Hazard Mitigation Plan from the county was adopted.

Plans for the Western New York Scenic Byway connecting Orchard Park, East Aurora and Springville were discussed. It may eventually include Ellicottville and stop at Route 98 in Great Valley. The route could be in place in the fall or late 2014.

Brown said, ”Being on the route will make it easier to control signage, get grants and have control over development.”

The town will need to act on joining the organization by passing a resolution. The issue was tabled until March so the planning board can research it.

Town Clerk Toni Evans read the names and salaries of employees of the Town of Great Valley. All yearly employees’ positions are up for review each year. There were no major changes noted. The motion by Brown and seconded by councilwoman Finch to accept salaries and appointments for 2014 was accepted.

The following (abridged )resolutions were read and adopted by unanimous votes:

Resolution 1-2014: The Town Board authorizes the Supervisor to make any and all budget transfers and increases from excess current year revenues at the yearend board meeting.

Resolution 2-2014: The Town Board authorizes the Supervisor to pay bills before the regular board meeting to save interest charges and invest moneys at his discretion.

Resolution 3-2014: The Town Clerk will submit a copy of her minutes fourteen days after any meeting of the Town Board to the Supervisor and each Town Board member.

Resolution 4-2014: The Town Board authorizes the Supervisor to enter into agreement with the Cattaraugus County Youth Bureau/New York State Office of Children and Family Services to run youth programs for the 2014 program year.

Resolution 5- 2014: The Registrar’s salary is included with the Town Clerk’s wages and that all money collected by Registrar is the property of the municipality.

Resolution 6-2014: The standard work day (is listed) for elected and appointed officials for the purpose of determining days worked reportable to the New York State and Local Employees’ Retirement System.

Resolution 7-2014: The Highway Superintendent will be expected to work, on an average, the same amount of time as a full-time Town Highway Employee.

After a break for executive session, the board approved appointing Rich Rinko to replace Rob Germain as building inspector/code enforcement officer. Germain was gratefully thanked for his past service to Great Valley.

Rinko begins his position immediately. He has up to one year to receive certification for the position.

Brown said, “Tonight’s meeting will affect the Town of Great Valley for a long time to come. With a new attorney and building inspector, the many property maintenance issues the town has been dealing with in the past will be reviewed and positive outcomes are expected.”

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m. The next meeting of the Great Valley Town Board will be March 10.