This meeting was dedicated to Geraldine Rust and Shirley Lindell.

The Great Valley Town Board held a regular meeting on Sept. 11, 2017 at 7 p.m. at the Great Valley Town Hall with the following members present:

Present: Supervisor Dan Brown, Councilwoman Lori Finch, Councilman Gerry Musall, Highway Supt. Jack Harrington, Supervisor’s Clerk Hildagarde Krause, Planning Brd Chair Chris Schena, Attorney Peter Sorgi.

Supervisor Brown opened the meeting and led the pledge of allegiance at 7:07 p.m. and requested a moment of silence in memory of the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Motion was made by Supervisor Brown, seconded by Councilman Musall to dedicate this meeting in honor of Geraldine Rust (aged 90) and Shirley Lindell (aged 100).  All in agreement.

Kill Buck Post Office

Supervisor Brown reported that the USPS will refund the money we paid to cover the cost of repair to the furnace in the KillBuck Post Office, due to the fact that the Town was not properly notified of any problems with the heat in a timely matter.

Kill Buck Pavilion And Grounds

The Town has asked the KillBuck Fire Company if they wish to be involved in any way, and have received no answer.  Attorney Sorgi advised the Town would have to seek a temporary beer/wine/cider permit for any function that would involve the sale of alcohol.  It is the desire of the Board to have the grounds available for renting out to the public for the summer of 2018.


Work session meetings scheduled for Oct. 3 and Oct. 5

Tax Cap Motion was made by Councilman Gerry Musall, seconded by Councilwoman Finch to override the 1.084% tax cap mandated by New York State.  All in agreement.

Porter Hollow Speed Limit Resolution 12-2017

Be it hereby resolved the Town Board hereby request a speed study with the intent of lowering the speed limit to 35 mph for all Town of Great Valley roads.

2018 Centennial

Overview of calendars that will be for sale was given by Becky Krusynski.  Meeting of the committee will be held Tuesday, September 12 at the Great Valley Fire Hall.

Report From Town Officials

Assessor – Supervisor Brown reported for Chris Holewinski:

Release of school tax bills has prompted interest and traffic in the assessor’s office

New property owners must apply for STAR through NY State Real Property

Planning Board – Chris Schena reported the following:

No meeting this month

New member will have to be appointed by the Town Board

Highway Superintendent – Jack Harrington reported the following:

-Tarred and chipped streets in the City of Salamanca as part of shared services

-Widening shoulders on Martin Road

-Crushing gravel

-Bids for the sale of 2002 Peterbuilt

Received one (1) bid in the amount of $1111.11 from Daniel Brown. Motion was made by Councilman Musall, seconded by Councilwoman Finch to enter into Executive Session to discuss personnel matters and truck bid at 7:48 pm.  All in agreement. Motion was made by Councilwoman Finch, seconded by Councilman Musall to adjourn Executive Session at 7:53.  All in agreement. Motion was made by Councilman Musall, seconded by Councilwoman Finch to accept the bid of $1111.11 for the sale of 2002 Peterbuilt as presented.  All in agreement.

New Business

Supervisor Brown attended a Shared Services meeting on September 7 and signed an agreement as mandated by New York State.  Most of the agreed to services are already shared.

The service of a County-wide assessing system was discussed.

Supervisor Brown has received a reclamation letter from NYS DEC concerning the berm area on the Town gravel pit.

Supervisor Brown has received notification from the NYS DEC that water testing will be conducted on-site at the Town Hall to determine if any leeching has occurred from the old Town Dump that was located on the Town property in the 1970’s.

The next meeting of the Town of Great Valley Board will be Monday, Oct. 9.