By Mary Fox

The Town of Great Valley’s board dedicated its February meeting to the memory of Deputy Supervisor Ted LaCroix, who passed away on Feb. 6.

“His dedication to the town is irreplaceable,” said Town Supervisor Dan Brown. “Ted didn’t let anything stop him in carrying out his commitment to Great Valley.  He put aside whatever feeling and suffering he might have to be part of these meetings on behalf of his town. He didn’t let anything stop him.”

During his report to the board, Brown said that, due to the great number of traffic tickets being issued by the State Police, the board is hiring Cathy Earley to help Great Valley Court Clerk Debbie Stokes keep up-to-date with the paperwork involved. The assistant position is budgeted for up to 60 hours at $11 per hour.

Town Assessor Jeff Forster will be available to the public at the Town Hall on Feb. 16 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. and Feb. 27 from 1-3 p.m. to collect STAR exemption applications and talk to residents about their concerns.

The Great Valley Planning Board meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 11 was scheduled to discuss a request to put up solar panels on Brown Road.

“If panels are being put up only for personal use there is no problem, but if they are being used commercially they will need to conform to the zoning code,” said Town Attorney Peter Sorgi. “No mention is made in the current Comprehensive Plan/Zoning Code regarding solar panels,” he explained. “Anything not provided for in the Code is not allowed. However, this is a new use for Great Valley and will require a special use permit to spell out what can be done.”

“We are not opposed to solar panels,” Brown added, “but they need to be covered in the Comprehensive Plan, which is up for review anyway.”

It was also reported that new energy-efficient lights have been installed in the Town Hall, the Town Barns and outside. Bids for lawn mowing are being accepted for 2015. Two bids will be accepted – one for the town’s four cemeteries and one the Town Hall and Memorial Park.

Finally, Jack Herrington gave a tour of the town garages to give the board the opportunity to see the new John Deere loader.

The next Great Valley Town Board meeting will be Monday, March 9 at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall.