How to put together a bicentennial costume,  come see displays and share ideas.  June 10, 9:30-11:30 am at Great Valley Town Hall, 4808 Route 219.

The purpose of this event is to assist attendees in selecting a costume they want to wear for the Bicentennial in 2018 and then assist them in finding a way to get it or make it.  If there is sufficient interest, subsequent sessions will be scheduled to offer hands on assistance with sewing, crafting or finding items.

The following people will be offering their expertise:

1. Dottie Fredrickson, experienced at making costumes for other local Bicentennial and heritage events will offer costume displays and offer advice on recreating period styles.

2. Gail Archer will also bring some Victorian era style and some 1920s’ Flapper style clothing and offer tips on how to put a costume together.

3. Dawn Westfall will be sharing her research on men’s and women’s style trends using photographic examples and additional references.  This will particularly useful as we are encouraging people to choose a period of dress that appeals to them.

Come see displays of clothing from various decades.  Learn how to put together a costume that you love.  Learn how to find vintage clothing.  Discover simple patterns for constructing your own costume.  Discover what time period is represented in photos, based on clothing.  Learn how to convert readily available clothing.  HATS- how to top that costume.

There will be displays of clothing representing different eras in Great Valley History and copies of old pictures of Great Valley Citizens to show what they wore.  During the Bicentennial, beginning January 2018, there will be many opportunities to dress in pioneer dress (Plain and fancy), 1920s Flapper style, and in 1950-60s style.    If attendees have any older style clothing or costumes, feel free to bring them.  Our goal is to get you started on your costumes and offer ideas and assistance.  Even if you don’t live in Great Valley, you are welcome to attend.

Reservations are not required, but requested to assist us in preparation for the event. You may do this on the Event page on Facebook or by calling Marilyn at 945-3161.

Marilyn K Eddy Siperek

Great Valley Town Historian