100+ Days of Adventure on the Slopes

By Alicia Dziak

With March rolling in like a lion, it might be hard to imagine that spring skiing season is just about here. Take this opportunity to shed some layers, revel in the sunshine and enjoy the last few weeks of ski season in Ellicottville!

This time of year is a big draw for ski and snowboard enthusiasts at Holiday Valley.

“Moguls get soft and fun to ski in, and it stays light out longer,” said Jane Eshbaugh, Holiday Valley’s marketing director.

She also cites picnics and after-skiing beers on the decks as a fun way to wind down the season.

Holiday Valley offers spring lodging packages starting on March 16 and spring ticket rates starting on March 23.

It’s been a nice, long ski season so far. March 8 marked 100 days of skiing at Holiday Valley and very soon HoliMont will be celebrating 100 days as well.

“We’ve had a fantastic winter,” said Dash Hegeman, HoliMont’s marketing director. “No snow enthusiast can complain about how this season has been going. That said, it’s definitely been a cold winter. Layers were needed and on some days, lots of them were needed. So, the benefit to spring skiing/riding this year is going to be being out on the slopes and not feeling like you need to take a break every hour to warm up. Plus, it’s a chance to take in some natural vitamin D.”

Hegeman stressed the importance of wearing sunblock while on the slopes and reminded skiers to be cautious of the intensity of the spring sun reflecting off the snow.

“Spring conditions just seem to make people happy,” he added. “The snow conditions loosen up and make for nice ‘hero snow’ (where people are less likely to catch an edge), which allows people to set an edge and make some fun, slushy turns. The terrain parks and the halfpipe become really fun places to hang out at as well, when the sun comes out and the temperature begins to rise a little.”

How else can you enjoy this time of year at the resorts? By shopping, of course! Take advantage of end-of-season sales on everything from jackets and hats, to purses and pants! Ski out of this season in style and head into next season with everything you need. Holiday Valley has mountain shops located on the first floor of the Holiday Valley Lodge and Yodeler Lodge. HoliMont’s ski shop is located in the main lodge.

Just because winter officially ends next week doesn’t mean the skiing has to end, too. Get out and enjoy the resorts while there’s still time! Holiday Valley has an anticipated closing day of April 6, weather permitting, and HoliMont’s closing day is still to be determined. Be sure to stay in the loop via the Ellicottville Times so you can squeeze in as many days of spring skiing as possible!