james aby James Arbogast

Instructor, Mel Sole Golf Schools at Holiday Valley

If you watch golf on TV, you will see most pros have a long line on the ball. You should as well.

This line is used for lining up putts. You can get the clip in most pro shops around the area. It’s a great thing to do, but there’s a secret to doing this, that is — do not change your mind when you’re over the ball.

Your eyes will lie to you when you’re over the putt and you look at the hole by tilting your head. When you do this, the dominant eye takes over and you will think you’re not lined up. But if you use both eyes from behind the ball and line it up, both eyes work together.

Don’t change your mind when you get over the putt. It works great! My students call me all the time and tell me the line changed their games, and putts per round have dropped by at least five per round.