If you’ve ever been to Key West, FL, odds are you’ve been to world famous Sloppy Joe’s bar. And if you’ve been to Sloppy Joe’s in the last 17 years, odds are you’ve seen a Pete and Wayne show, gracing Sloppy Joe’s stage four days a week since 1997.

Pete and Wayne are, as one reviewer claimed, “a cocktail shaker full of good times for adults.”

So, what is a Pete and Wayne show? A music show? A comedy show? A musical comedy show? All of the above!

Pete and Wayne are a rambunctious blend of political satire, religious commentary, naughty songs, a whole lot of drinking, and some darn great music.

The aforementioned review in the South Florida Music scene magazine suggested:

“Take a cocktail shaker and put in a splash of Jack Black with Tenacious D,  add another dose of the Smothers Brothers, and throw in a whole bunch of Vegas Rat Pack, and you’ll have a Pete and Wayne show.”

A blend of great musicianship, dry wit and over the top adult humor, Pete and Wayne will leave you laughing, grinning, blowing beer out your nose, and feeling a little bit naughty for it, but never regretful. Come see a touch of Key West right here in Ellicottville and leave your kids at home!

Join us at The Gin Mill on Thursday, July 17, at 8:30 p.m. for this hilarious “mature audience” event.

Remember…there’s “No Cover Charge…Ever!”

21 or over for admittance. For more info visit www.peteandwayne.com.