By Jann Wiswall

It took months to get approval, but on May 9, the state courts approved a request from Ellicottville Supervisor John Burrell to use funds originally allotted for an elevator in the Town and Village Hall building for renovations of the town’s Extension Service building instead. The $30,000 will be used to create a new, accessible courtroom, restrooms, waiting areas, holding rooms and offices.

On May 10, the renovations began.

This good news was reported at the May 15 meeting of the Ellicottville Town Board of Trustees. Burrell also updated the board on other progress that has been made at the extension service building, including removing walls, installing new interior light fixtures and more. Trustee Greg Fitzpatrick, president of Fitzpatrick & Weller, has generously donated hardwood paneling for the new foyer, Burrell added. He also introduced the building’s new facilities manager Justin Dineen, who started the part-time job last week.

The board discussed the need to make some renovations in the Extension Service building’s auditorium. Trustees asked Burrell to obtain cost estimates for the project. These estimates will be reviewed at a special meeting on May 20.

Burrell described a new Fire District Study Group that has been formed and will meet for the first time on June 5 at 6 p.m. at the Extension Service building. The group, which includes government and fire and rescue department officials from Ellicottville, Great Valley, Humphrey and Mansfield, will investigate ways to improve EMS and fire services throughout the area by more efficiently sharing responsibilities, information, insurance, services, etc.

Burrell also said the village and town are working together to select a new sidewalk plow that will be shared by the two municipalities.

Department Head Reports: Highway Superintendent Dave Golley reported that work continues on completing the department’s new facilities. The department also has been busy repairing roads and drains.

Town Engineer Mark Alianello was absent for the meeting, but Burrell reported that he and Alianello met with a consultant to discuss tank options for the East Tank project. The consultant offered some alternatives and guidance on placement. Alianello and the town will do a cost/benefit analysis on the options.

The board next approved a HoliMont Betterment Sidewalk Project resolution that was needed by the state to authorize the project.

Old Business: Trustee Ken Hinman reported that the recreational trail committee has raised enough funds to start consultant Rick Manning and engineer Mark Alianello on developing a master plan for the trail. The master plan is the essential next step before major fundraising efforts can begin. Hinman also announced that there will be an informational open house at the Extension Service Building on Tuesday, June 11 from 4–7 p.m. to allow interested residents and visitors to learn more about the trail and view possible routes.

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