By Alicia Dziak

If it’s a variety of live music you’re after, Summer Music Weekend has it all. From the slopes to the hot spots of EVL, you’ll find a wide selection of bands playing originals and covers all weekend long and when local favorites return to town after being away, it’s another great excuse to get out of the house and join the party.

On Saturday, July 1, when Fuel on Fire, formerly known as the Doerfels, returns to the Gin Mill for a performance at 8 p.m.

“We changed our name to Fuel on Fire because everyone was having a hard time spelling and remembering the name Doerfel,” explained band member and spokesperson Ben Doerfel.

Originally from Springville, Fuel on Fire includes Ben along with his brothers, TJ Doerfel, Edward Doerfel, Joe Doerfel and Kurt Doerfel. They all now reside in Key West, FL.

“Playing in the Florida Keys doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but it really is,” Ben said. “You’d be surprised how many people have seen our band just in the keys alone.”

When Fuel on Fire isn’t playing in the Keys or on tour, they are recording in Nashville.

“Our original music is pop/rock,” Ben stated.  “Our live show consists of everything from classic bluegrass all the way to rage against the machine. It’s a huge blend of all our inspirations.”

In addition to Saturday’s performance, the Doerfel Family Band will be performing at the Gin Mill Monday night at 7 p.m., featuring a few of the family members playing more traditional country/bluegrass music.

“Coming back to WNY is exciting simply because it’s like home,” Ben noted. “It’s where we all grew up. It’s where our family is. The people are amazing. There’s a love for music and every time we come back the crowds put smiles on all our faces!”

For more info, find Fuel on Fire on Facebook or visit www.fuelonfire.com.