The Lost Saints of Tennessee

The Lost Saints of Tennessee

By Amy Franklin-Willis

This story revolves around forty-two-year-old Zeke Cooper and his mother Lillian. It follows Zeke’s evolution from anointed son to honorable sibling to unhinged middle-aged man.

After Zeke loses his twin brother in a mysterious drowning, and his wife to divorce, only ghosts remain in his hometown of Clayton, Tennessee.

Zeke makes the decision to leave Clayton in a final attempt to escape his pain, and puts his two treasured possessions, a child-hood book “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, and Tucker, his dead brother’s dog, into his truck and heads east. He leaves behind two adolescent daughters and his estranged mother, who reveals her own conflicting view of the Cooper family.

Zeke is led to a crossroad in life where he must decide the fate of his family, either by clinging to the way life was or by moving toward what life might be. A novel filled with great love, pathos and change.

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