The second meeting of the Friends of Allegany State Park workday on Sat. March 2 was a huge success. With 14 good folks participating,  the inside of the Camp Allegany Rec Hall, the Rec Hall foyer was painted, 7 rooms in the upper barracks were primed. Participants included:

Rick Feuz, John Michael Mibrandt, Sandy Boscar, D Swetadri Vasa Setlur Nagesh, Kevin Gallineau, John Luby, Yvonne Abwender-Ralicki, Luanne Wanamaker, Karen Kingsley, Heather Ferrara, Maddie Ferrara, Kammeo Morreale, Ryan Slattery and Paul Crawford.

“I wish to thank each and every one of you for your kind and selfless donations of time, gas, painting supplies, labor and food. It is on this day that your efforts made the park a nicer place for you, your children and your grandchildren. You have set an example for others, not with words, but by most importantly action, and for this, I applaud you. Thank you, thank you!” Paul Crawford

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