By Caitlin Croft

U14 athletes competed locally in the last technical series of the season. All that remains is one Super-G at Bristol February 12th. U21/U19/U16 athletes had the choice between two races this weekend: Super-G at Bristol Mountain or Gore Mountain.

The first event was a Giant Slalom at Holiday Valley. HoliMon’t Simona Muscarella finished with a bronze medal. Holiday Valley’s Caroline Derose finished 7th after a remarkable 2nd run win. Nyah Solly (HO) placed 13th, Amanda Arteaga (HO) 19th, Brooklyn Napolitano (HO) 21st, Charleigh Priestman (HO) 22nd, Gianna Ferrara (HO), 23rd. Rory Sauereisen of Holiday Valley had her best finish of the season finishing 25th. Megan Peters (HO) took 27th, Sarah Kelly (HO) 31st, Cece Carls (HO) 35th, Megan Williams (HV) 42nd, Heather Dunlap (HO) 44th, Sydney Hendriks (HO) 46th, Kate Carter (HO) 47th, Josephine Cochran (HO) 52nd and Isabella Scott (HV) 54th. The massive HoliMont women’s team continues with Molly Basadur 64th, Quincy Rotsaert-Smith 65th, Megan Kelsch 66th, Lauren Tompkins 67th and Zoe Folsetter 68th.

Alexander Wojnowski of Holiday Valley finished with another consistent 2nd place finish putting himself solidly into State Championships, along with teammates Ross Fuller 5th and Reichen Morrisey 7th. David Rintoul (HO) finished in 16th, William Dunn (HV) 17th, Logan Kidd (HO) 18th, Ryan Scanlon (HV) 19th, Ian McKenna (HO) 21st, Dylan Potter (HV) 23rd and Michael Turnbull 24th. HoliMont’s Ryan Gambrell finished 32nd, Lachlan Deathe (HO) 39th, Matthew King (HO) 41st, Isaiah Davies (HV) 44th and Logan MuCulloch (HO) 45th.

The next event was a Slalom at HoliMont. Holiday Valley’s Ross Fuller had his best result of the season, nabbing the last spot on the podium with a bronze medal performance. Reichen Morrisey of Holiday Valley also had his best result, finishing in 5th place. David Rintoul (HO) placed 11th, Logan Kidd (HO) 15th, Dylan Potter (HV) 18th, Lachlan Deathe (HO) 19th, John Smillie (HV) 21st, Peter McKenna (HO) 26th and Logan McCulloch (HO) 27th.

For the women, HoliMont’s Muscarella had another podium finish, taking away the bronze medal for her 3rd place performance.  Nyah Solly (HO) finished 12th, Charleigh Priestman (HO) 13th, Megan Peters (HO) 20th, Gianna Ferrara (HO) 21st, Kate Carter (HO) 30th and Sarah Kelly (HO) 31st.  Josie Cochran of HoliMont took 42nd, Cece Carls (HO) 43rd, Heather Dunlap (HO) 44th, Molly Basadur (HO) 48th, Caroline Derose (HV) 51st, Megan Kelsche (HO) 52nd and Quincy Rotsaert-Smith 55th.

The U21/U19/U16 athletes were split across the state this week with some competing at Gore Mountain and others electing to go to Bristol Mountain for the annual Super-G Empire Cup Series.

Gore Super-G No. 1 Men: Nathan Briselden of Holiday Valley finished in 7th place, up against competition he is not accustomed to seeing at races. Carlo Muscarella of HoliMont placed 18th, Maxxon Solly (HO) 26th, Alec Nolan (HV) 27th, Nicholas Scott (HO) 34th, Sean Nolan (HV) 44th, William Peters (HO) 47th, Lucas Johnson (HO) 51st and Samuel Balanevsky (HO) 75th.

Gore Super-G No. 1 Women: Holiday Valley’s Paige Duffy had the best result for our local ladies finishing 14th. Taylor Hubert (HV) took 20th, Zoe Knauss (HO) 21st, Katrina Surdyka (HV) 26th, Sierra Cappelli (HV) 33rd, Chloe Richards 37th and Marian Searby (HO) 64th.

Gore Super-G No. 2 Men: Nicholas Scott of HoliMont had the best finish on the day with a 20th in day two with teammate Carlo Muscarella in 25th. Maxxon Solly (HO) finished 33rd, Lucas Johnson (HO) 43rd, William Peters (HO) 54th and Samuel Balanevsky (HO) 76th.

Gore Super-G No. 2 Women: Paige Duffy of Holiday Valley improved finishing 11th with teammate Lauren Thomas in 21st. Chloe Richards (HO) finished 29th with her teammate Marian Searby in 48th.

Bristol Super-G No. 1 Women: Holiday Valley’s Logan Fredrickson walked away with a gold medal winning by nearly half a second! Candice Kasahara (HV) nabbed the last podium spot earning a bronze medal with teammate Katherine Wojnowski in 5th. Hayly Fredrickson (HV) finished 7th, Kate Masliwec (HO) 13th, Phoebe Dunn (HV) 14th and Alaina Lah (HV) 15th.

Bristol Super-G No.1 Men: Holiday Valley’s Nolan Evans had the best result with a 5th place finish; teammate Dalton Potter was just behind in 7th. Jes Sauereisen (HV) finished 12th, Christian Taylor (HV) 20th and Benjamin Wise (HV) took 33rd.

Bristol Super-G No. 2 Women: Logan Fredrickson (HV) once again took the gold medal in this event. Katherine Wojnowski (HV) stepped it up and found herself on the podium in 3rd. Candice Kasahara (HV) finished 4th, Hayly Fredrickson (HV) 7th, Kate Masliwec (HO) 8th, Katrina Surdyka (HV) 14th, Phoebe Dunn (HV) 17th, Alaina Lah (HV) 19th and Claire Taylor (HV) 32nd.

Bristol Super-G No. 2 Men: Holiday Valley’s Alec Nolan had his best race of the season finishing 3rd. Jes Sauereisen (HV) took 5th with his best result as well. Nolan Evans (HV) finished 6th and Sean Nolan (HV) also had his best race of his career, finishing 7th. Dalton Potter (HV) took 12th and Christian Taylor (HV) finished 32nd.

The following athletes have qualified for the Empire State Games to be held in Lake Placid at Whiteface, February 3-5: Women— Logan Fredrickson, Zoe Knauss, Candice Kasahara, Paige Duffy, Hayly Fredrickson, Katherine Wojnowski, Sierra Cappelli, Lauren Thomas, Katrina Surdyka, Chloe Richards, Taylor Hubert, Kate Masliwec and Phoebe Dunn. Men— Nathan Briselden, Carlo Muscarella, Alec Nolan, Nolan Evans, Lucas Johnson, Dalton Potter, Jes Sauereisen, Nicholas Scott, Sean Nolan, Maxxon Solly and Christian Taylor. Good luck to all athletes!

U14s travel to Kissing Bridge for the annual Dual Slalom. They will be joined by the U12/U10/U8 athletes for this fun event.