By Jennie Acklin

Frederickson Appointed as Code Enforcement Officer

Kelly Frederickson (pictured) was appointed as the new Code Enforcement Officer effective Sept. 1. Duties will also include building inspector responsibilities.  Effective Aug. 31, 2017, current Code Enforcement Officer Tom Abriatis is retiring from his part-time position (with the village and the town). Abriatis has held the position since December 2000.

Village Sidewalk “Test Area” Underway

At a special meeting in late July, board members met on Monroe Street to discuss the detailed options of the trees and grass areas between the sidewalks and streets that have deteriorated into muddy strips.

It was decided to create a “test area,” in hopes that the results would give direction to all areas of concern in the village.

The current plan is to extend, or widen the sidewalk somewhat, so that the snowplowing won’t dig up the grass. A honeycomb “geo-block” system will be installed, which permits the grass to grow up through it, yet offers a stable base. Six trees were removed, and six new trees will be relocated and planted in the spring of 2018.

Village Benches

There are currently 55 memorial benches around the village, with requests for at least three more. Over the summer, the village DPW crew has replaced the aging wood on all the benches with new tight-knotted cedar wood.

Village Park Stadium

In 2016, Chris Woodarek replaced the roof on the Village Park stadium, along with other buildings, with materials bought by the Village of Ellicottville. This summer, all the boards on the seating area of the stadium were replaced by village DPW crews. All that is left is to seal the boards. The stadium will seat up to 250 spectators. Additional work may include enclosing a storage area and constructing a concession stand. Job well done!

Morton Retires from DPW

Harold Morton has submitted his letter of intent to retire, effective Aug. 31, 2017.  Morton has worked for the village of Ellicottville since January 1987, retiring as DPW Superintendent. He intends to take a little time off, and then continue working part-time as a laborer and consultant where needed. When the new village/town engineer is hired, the responsibilities of the DPW Superintendent will fall under the engineering position.


Advertising for the position of Town/Village Engineer is underway, with several applications received to date. The engineer position has a salary range of $80,000 – $120,000 and will be shared by the Town of Ellicottville and Village of Ellicottville.

The Village will also be advertising for a part-time summer staff personnel, needed for mowing the Village Square, Village Park, soccer field, arboretum and other properties, watering and maintaining the village flowers, leaf collection, as well as many other duties required by the DPW.

The next meeting of the Village Board is scheduled for Monday, September 11, 2017.