Four Projects Approved in the Village

By Caitlin Croft

The August 2017 meeting of The Village Planning Board (VPB) opened with four Public Hearings and made decisions on three. The first is regarding PB-2017-07, a Home Occupation at 54 Mill Street, a beauty salon in the basement of the home. This is an allowable use in the village with a Special Use Permit. There will be no exterior changes to the home; therefore, no Site Plan or Architectural Design Review will be needed. There were no comments from the public and the VPB closed the Public Hearing. Later in the meeting the VPB performed the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) and made a negative declaration. The VPB then moved to approve the Home Occupation and grant the Special Use Permit, a second was made and the VPB approved.

Next, the Public Hearing for PB-2016-08 49 Washington (M&T Bank) a Site Plan Amendment was held. They would like to restripe the parking lot and it would reduce the drive lane from 24’ to 19.5’. This will create and additional three parking spaces along the Washington side of the parking lot and will change the parking from parallel to perpendicular. This will also allow extra room for snow storage in the winter. The Zoning Board of Appeals approved the variance on the drive lane at their August 2017 meeting. There were no comments from the public and VPB closed the hearing. Later in the meeting, the VPB went through the SEQR processes and then made a negative declaration. A motion was made to approve the Site Plan Amendment, there was a second and the VPB approved.

The third Public Hearing was on PB-2017-10, a Single-Family Residence to be built at 20 Fillmore Drive. This is an allowable use in the village and will only undergo the Architectural Review process and Site Plan Review. This is in an approved sub development. All set backs have been met, along with the height requirements. This has been deemed a Type 2 Action under SEQR and therefore is not subject to SEQR. There was an error is the Public Notice for the Public Hearing and another hearing will be held in a special meeting of the VPB on Aug. 22 at 4:30 p.m. This project was tabled until the special meeting.

The final Public Hearing was regarding PB-2017-11 an Accessory Apartment to be located at 26 W. Washington. This will be a 1,152-sq. ft. apartment. There will be new double hung windows on the front of the apartment and will not change the character of the structure. The building is in the Historic Overlay District and must therefore Section 11 standards need to be met. There will be no changes to the building’s size and the driveway will remain the same as well. This has been deemed a Type 2 Action under SEQR and therefore is not subject to SEQR. This project meets the Floor to Area Ratio (FAR) and Open Space requirements are also met. There was one letter received from Sean Cornelius stating he had no issues or concerns with the project. There were two comments from the public regarding the Floodplain and Conservation Zone. It was deemed to not be in the Floodplain or in a Conservation Zone. An Architectural Review, Historic Preservation Review, Special Use Permit and Minor Lot Line Adjustment are needed for this project. Later in the meeting, the VPB made a motion to declare it a Type 2 action under SEQR, there was a second and it was approved. Next was the Minor Lot Line Adjustment, .14 acres is to be added to the neighboring lot. This shall not to be considered a sub division. The VPB made a motion to approve, there was a second and the VPB approved. Two more motions were made the first to approve the Special Use Permit and Site Plan Review and the second to approve the Architectural Design and Historic Preservation Review. There was a motion on the first to approved with the following conditions; there will only be one accessory apartment, there will be no rentals for less than 30 days, no work shall occur except pursuant to the building permit and the conditions must be on the Certificate of Occupancy.

The last project to be approved was PB-2017-09 a window to be converted to a door at 24 E. Washington. The VPB approved of the door and made a motion to grant the Architectural Design Review with the condition that the window is to be replaced with the door that is pictured in the design. There was a second and the VPB approved.