busesReprinted from ECS September 2013 newsletter)

During the summer, Ellicottville Central School took delivery of four new International buses to upgrade their aging bus fleet. The two smaller 35S/24A passenger buses were ordered over a year ago, but due to production delays, they were not delivered until this August. They will be replacing the smaller buses that were primarily used for Pre-K. The new buses feature a full-size frame, as opposed to a van body, which provides us with greater versatility.

The larger 66 -passenger buses are also 2014 International buses and are replacing two older models that were 10 years old with roughly 100,000 miles each.

Dave Pelton, transportation supervisor, noted, “All four buses will be the first buses the district has ever leased.”

The district went to leasing buses because of the savings they can realize through reduced maintenance costs, which allowed the reduction of one full-time staff member. The five-year lease agreements call for payments of $18,280 a year for the two smaller buses and $30,640 for the two larger buses. To buy these buses outright, the smaller buses would cost $60,000 and the larger buses $109,000. (This represents a $93,000 savings over five years!)

ECS believes in the long run that leasing buses will be far more cost effective by reducing maintenance costs, reducing staff and allowing them to maintain newer buses with less mileage.