Jaye Beattie, Gregg Piechota and Nicholas Bohdanowycz, of Four Mile Brewing.
Jaye Beattie, Gregg Piechota and Nicholas Bohdanowycz, of Four Mile Brewing.

Craft Brewery Predicts Fall Opening

By Eva Potter

Gregg Piechota has always enjoyed sampling new beers, but the limited selection of craft beers in the Olean area spurred him to experiment with home brewing about seven years ago.

Successful trials led to interestingly flavored batches that Piechota and brewing partner Jaye Beattie shared with friends at a few private, home tasting parties. Rave reviews of their suds sparked the idea of Four Mile Brewing, a craft beer bar and small brewery opening in Olean, N.Y., in fall of 2014.

The pair brought Nicholas Bohdanowycz on aboard as the third partner and together they have worked to refine their business plan.

Piechota said, “After about a year of our planning, changing from a craft beer bar to a brewpub we decided to step back and re-evaluate what it was that we really wanted to accomplish, which we both came to the conclusion was a production brewery.”

Four Mile Brewing will be located at 202 E. Green St. in a historic building that was built as home of the Olean Brewing Company back in 1907, but ceased operations in 1920 due to Prohibition.

“The history (of the building) alone was enough for us (to buy it),” said Piechota. “The main building is around 6,000 square feet and the warehouse building is over 18,000 square feet. This also gives us plenty of room to grow.”

But why call it Four Mile Brewing when it will be located in Olean? An excerpt from the company’s mission statement explains, “Four Mile isn’t about a geographic location, although locals do know the name as a valley, creek, and hamlet situated on a ridge. It’s an idea that everything we are can be attributed to the natural resources, the hard work, the inspiration, and vision of our area.”

Piechota, who lives on “the Four Mile,” said he has already received interest from local farmers to grow their hops. Two hoppy beers, an IPA and black IPA, as well as a pale ale, will be their year-round, flagship beers.

“We will also have a seasonal beer that will vary throughout the year,” he said.

Small-batch beers will be available in the taproom for growler fills and at certain local tap accounts. The brewery also plans to can their flagship beers and possibly their seasonals, too.

The taproom décor will give the place an industrial, pre-Prohibition feel filled with evidence of Olean’s past, with table and bar seating for about 40. Deli-style sandwiches and sides will complement the brew, and periodic live music will entertain guests.

In addition, a beer garden located between the main brewery building and warehouse will surely become a gathering spot in warmer weather. A small hop garden with benches will add to the ambiance.

Four Mile Brewing is planning a fall opening, but this is dependent on renovations and the manufacture and installation of equipment. Once open, predicted hours are 4–10 p.m. weekdays and noon–10 p.m. on weekends.

Why should you look forward to the new Four Mile Brewing?

“Well for starters the Beer!” said Piechota. “We will strive to put out a local product that people will be proud to call their own. … Take a tour of our modern, 15-barrel brewery, and then walk across the beer garden and take a tour of how a brewery would have looked 100 years ago. … You don’t even have to drive — we are just off the Allegheny River Valley Trail, so you can walk, run or bike here. Better yet, why don’t you just put a kayak or canoe in the river and just paddle here.”

Four Mile Brewing is on the Jan. 27 agenda for a public hearing in the Olean City Council chambers.

Piechota said, “Come support us in our efforts to bring you fresh local beer!”