Reprinted from the October-November 2014 ECS Newsletter.

With November 11 marking the end of World War I, the Ellicottville Central School District would like to honor all veterans with a special human interest story scheduled to be presented on Nov. 12 at 7 p.m. in the high school library.

Ellen Frank, whose father was the former longtime ECS teacher and Superintendent Daniel Sirianni, is going to present, “My Father’s Journey to the Past.”

On Oct. 14, 1943, during World War II, while on a raid to bomb ball bearing factories in Schweinfurt, Germany, Mr. Sirianni’s plane was shot down. His story takes him from his unexpected landing, hiding out, his capture and the nearly two years he spent in a German prison. The story then fasts forward to 2006 where he visits and meets family members who helped him in Germany and reconnects with the living members of his plane. It is a fascinating story

In 2006, Mr. Sirianni returned to Germany, accompanied by Ellen, for the first time to meet people and visit places he had not seen in 63 years! As Dan’s daughter, Ellen, traveled with him, she learned a great deal about the experiences he had during the war. This journey and her father’s recollections have provided the backdrop for this very interesting presentation that the two of them put together.

We are excited to have the opportunity to share this with the public, and we encourage you to take an hour out of your day to honor our veterans and find out what Mr. Sirianni’s journey was all about. It will be well worth your time!