2-28-14-HoliMont-FLITE-Team-Keeps-Cup---Imageby Sean Crotty

HoliMont FLITE Team athletes have been working all season to qualify for championship events, which kicked off Feb. 24.

In our B athlete lineup, 32 of our 39 athletes qualified for the NY/PA Championship, which will be held this weekend at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Pa.

Many of our athletes are at the top of the standings in their respective disciplines.

Females: Elissa Cole, Moguls Tied 1st, Aerials 2nd; Lexi Crotty, Moguls Tied 1st, Aerials 6th and Slopestyle 3rd; Marissa Vasatka, Moguls 6th; Magdeline Vasatka, Moguls 7th; Kenedy Cooper, Moguls 8th; Alliy Hansen, Moguls 18th, Aerials 8th and Slopestyle 6th; Emma Hawkes, Moguls 20th; Hayleigh Holland, Moguls 28th, Aerials 12th and Slopestyle 5th; and Riley Morrell, Moguls 37th and Aerials 23rd.

Males: Parker Johnston, Moguls Tied 1st, Aerials 2nd and Slopestyle Tied 1st; Lucas Goodin, Moguls 9th, Aerials 5th and Slopestyle 23th; Jared Smolinski, Moguls 12th, Aerials 16th and Slopestyle 20th; Sean Ryan, Moguls 13th, Aerials 16th and Slopestyle 14th; Spencer Williams, Moguls 16th and Slopestyle 9th; Evan Dermott, Moguls 18th, Aerials 15th and Slopestyle 21st; Reese Cooper, Moguls 20th; Ryan Henri, Moguls 25th and Slopestyle 24th; Travis Goodin, Moguls 34th and Slopestyle 28th; Joseph Voelkl, Moguls 40th and Aerials 25th; Mitchell Wayland, Moguls 42nd, Aerials 29th and Slopestyle 18th; Jake Wayland, Moguls 43rd, Aerials 25th and Slopestyle 18th; RJ Cancilla, Moguls 47th and Aerials 27th; Brandon Crotty, Moguls 52nd, Aerials 21st and Slopestyle 35th; Calvin Elliott, Moguls 60th; Matthew Voelkl, Moguls 62nd and Aerials 33rd; Jack Rath, Moguls 64th and Aerials 28th; Cameron Evans, Moguls 65th; Michael Kennedy, Moguls 75th and Aerials 26th; Colin Woodrow, Moguls Tied 1st and Aerials 38th; Griffen Hansen, Aerials 4th and Slopestyle 2nd; Nicholas Ennis, Slopestyle 31st;  and Preston Read, Slopestyle 34th.