pb-eleBy Jann Wiswall

The infrastructure, utilities and overall site plan for two new housing developments on the east and west sides of Fillmore Dr. between E. Washington and Parkside Dr. were approved by the Village Planning Board following public hearings on each of the projects.

The east side property, being developed by Glendale Development, LLC, will be called Elk Creek Homes. The owners will construct nine townhouse buildings with 18 units. The planning board approved the site plan for the “master planned development.” The architectural review of the buildings will begin at its next meeting. Conceptual renderings provided to date have been well received, but details need to be reviewed.

Sprague Development, owner of the property on the west side of Fillmore adjacent to the Ellicottville Square building, was given the go-ahead for the “major subdivision” site plan as well. The subdivision will include 19-lots for single-family homes. The architectural plans for these homes will be reviewed with individual property owners by the planning board.

The planning board noted that both properties meet all village zoning regulations. Sidewalks will be constructed at the developers’ cost on both sides of Fillmore along the length of each property.

The planning board was especially pleased with plans to create “rain gardens” between the sidewalks and the properties. Rain gardens are used in lieu of retention ponds and swales to manage water runoff. According to Board Chair Nancy Rogan, rain gardens are more attractive than other options, as they feature well-designed landscaping.

Rogan said planning board members and community landscaping experts will be asked to have input in the landscaping selections; more precise plans will be reviewed during the architectural review process.

In other business, the planning board is in receipt of a partial application by a business owner to construct a licensed kitchen for a niche catering business in the Ellicottville Square property on Bristol Lane. The business, tentatively called Wholesome Hideaway, would prepare, package and deliver allergen-free foods to retail businesses. No dining facility would be on the premises. The business owner was not in attendance to answer questions, complete plans had not been submitted and many details are to be determined, so no discussion was possible. The planning board will take up the review once the application is complete.

The next meeting of the village planning board is scheduled for Monday, March 10 at 5:30 p.m. in the town/village hall.