Leanne Powers, owner of the new boutique “Flurry” is located at 12 Monroe Street in Ellicotttville.
Leanne Powers, owner of the new boutique “Flurry” is located at 12 Monroe Street in Ellicotttville.

By Jann Wiswall

Ellicottville’s newest boutique, Flurry, is open on Monroe Street and it’s already creating a buzz among the area’s fashion conscious.

Flurry is the brainchild of Leanne Powers, a western New York businesswoman who runs several successful businesses in the Hamburg/Orchard Park area and recently closed a seasonal boutique at the Wilson Harbor marina on Lake Ontario after the harbor itself closed its doors.

That boutique, Destination, was a hit with summer visitors from all over Canada and New York, and her customers there already are Facebook fans of Flurry and its focus on classic fashion with a twist.

“When the harbor location closed, I started looking for a year-round spot,” said Powers, who has been visiting Ellicottville for many years to ski and enjoy the restaurants and shops it has to offer.

“The space in Ellicottville just felt perfect,” she said. “It’s small and intimate, which allows me to keep items close to each other so shoppers can immediately see how pieces work together.” It also keeps the overhead down, she noted, which means that those costs don’t get passed on to the customer.

Flurry offers pieces you won’t find anywhere else in the area at prices that suit all budgets — from $20 tees to $200 dresses.

“Our Zoa NY line, which is popular with many celebrities, works well for those who like understated but unique pieces that go with what’s already in your closet,” said Powers.

The same can be said for the Amour Vert line, which is a European-inspired, eco-friendly line made in the USA.

“It’s casual contemporary, which works perfectly for a Saturday night out, a day in the office or at a backyard party,” she said. “Our focus is on well-fitting items that are current, but not trendy. In five or 10 years, you can still wear them and they’re still fresh.”

Powers said she does not carry an inventory of any of her clothing or accessories. She purchases only four or five of each item and everything is always out on the floor.

“I don’t like to predict the market in advance, so I have new items coming in every Saturday,” she said. This allows her to adjust her offerings to customer requests, seasonal needs and ever-changing fashion trends.

Flurry also offers a huge array of accessories, from belts and handbags to scarves and jewelry. In fact, Powers said that so far, accessories have represented 25 percent of her sales.

She said, “Some people don’t want to spend their time in a dressing room when they’re visiting Ellicottville, but they’ll pick up a scarf or some unique pieces of jewelry either for themselves or as gifts.”

One of Powers’ favorite jewelry lines is by Lucy Noelle, a company owned by a woman in Lewiston who finds unique stones and crystals all over the world and creates gorgeous earrings, necklaces and bracelets that cannot be found anywhere else and that won’t break the bank.

“Just because you’re in Ellicottville doesn’t mean you have to spend $70 on a pair of earrings,” said Powers.

The Lucy Noelle earrings start at a reasonable $25. Other jewelry items she carries start even lower. And if you want a true statement piece, she has those too.

Powers has not yet held a grand opening for Flurry. She has preferred to open slowly, get all the kinks worked out, and increase hours over time.

Currently, the shop at 12 Monroe St. is open Thursday through Monday, 10:30 a.m.–6 p.m. She expects to expand those hours in a few months.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/flurryandco.