ECS Elem Pincipal, William Delity

By Deb Everts

When school starts up again next month, elementary students at Ellicottville Central School will see the familiar face of their former fourth grade teacher, William Delity, at the helm as their new principal and curriculum coordinator.
After the departure of Connie Poulin, former elementary principal who recently relocated with her family, the board appointed Delity to the position at the Aug. 14 board of education (BOE) meeting, with a start date of Aug. 15.
“Ellicottville Central School advertised the position as ‘Elementary Principal/Curriculum Coordinator,’ so I applied and went through two rounds of interviews,” Delity said. “The first was an Interviewing Committee made up of teachers and staff and then a final interview with Mr. Miller, ECS Superintendent.”
Delity said he’s excited about the opportunity to work with the district’s outstanding families, board of education, administration, staff and teachers to help their most precious asset: the students of ECS.
According to Delity, he’s been working in the school system the last 28 years as an elementary classroom teacher, coach, district resident, volunteer and parent. He started his career in education when he was hired by the school in 1990 as a fifth grade teacher, then moved to the fourth grade eight years later. He has also coached football, basketball, baseball and softball at ECS and was a volunteer coach in Little League Football during the early part of his career.
Delity said he came up with this year’s motto, “Eagle Strong – The Power of the Flight!”
He said he came up with it as part of his elementary school platform of building a culture of fun, achievement and engagement for ECS students and staff.
“The idea of the ‘Eagle Strong’ relates to our goal of our learning and achieving with each other as one united elementary family. In other words, building meaningful relationships with each other,” he said. “‘The Power of the Flight’ relates to our goal of growth and perseverance through hard work.”
Delity and his wife, Sharon, have lived in Great Valley for the last 21 years. She’s a third grade teacher for the Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School District. They have six children: two in college, one a Marine-reservist and three in high school at ECS.
A graduate of Ellicottville Central School in 1985, Delity grew up on Mill Street in the village with his two older brothers, Dan and Steve, the sons of Adam and Norma Delity. He said his 85-year old father, a German Immigrant who arrived in 1950, is his hero and still lives on Mill Street.
“He instilled in me early in life the value of a hard work ethic and treating people with respect,” he said. “He was the manufacturing foreman for the old AVM/Signore Plant on Jefferson Street in Ellicottville for over 40 years.”
Delity said he applied, interviewed and accepted the offer to become the next elementary principal/curriculum coordinator because of the special and unique bond the ECS family has cultivated over the years. He said when he was first hired as an ECS teacher, he had a wonderful network of people that helped him become a better educator and, for that matter, a better person.
“We have something special at ECS. We really are family,” he said. “I want the opportunity to help continue that tradition from a leadership perspective and help our students learn the value of work hard, achievement and happiness. Our ECS family works tirelessly to ensure student success.”
Anyone with questions, comments, suggestions or concerns should feel free to contact Delity at 699-2318, or email him at