By Adam Silvernail

Student Reporter

Although school has only been back in session for about a week, the fall sports season is already well underway.

The fall sports season includes soccer, both boys and girls, football, volleyball, swimming and cross-country, which will begin competing in events soon.

I recently talked to some members of each active team as well as Dave McCann, ECS athletic director, to ask them about the upcoming season.

First, I asked each of them whether or not they believed they’re prepared for this season, and their responses were largely the same.

Hayly Fredrickson, a member of the girls varsity soccer team, responded, “Yes, there’s been a lot of changes this season but we’ve really thought about what we need to do this season.”

Brett Kryniski, a member of the varsity football team, said, “Oh yeah, for sure. We have a bunch of returning starters this year.”

Bryce Butler, a boys varsity soccer team member, replied, “We’re mostly prepared.”

Samantha Van Wicklin, representing the girls varsity volleyball team, simply said, “Yes.”

McCann, when asked, replied, “I believe we are prepared for the sports season. We have a lot of athletes and coaches that have put in time to preparing for the season. We had a lot of kids that were showing up to work on getting better. That is a great thing. Credit to the kids, coaches and parents for helping to get the kids there. I think that the coaches we have in place right have all hit the ground running, and approach each practice and game with enthusiasm and passion.”

My next question for them was, “Where do you believe your team needs to improve?” The answers were a little more varied this time.

Hayly responded, “We need to work on communication and kind of work on our passing a little bit, but I think that our skill level is pretty good.”

Brett answered, “Preparing for games prior, like, hydrate and stuff.”

Bryce replied with a single word, “Offence.”

Samantha, when asked, said, “We need to become closer with each other and pace ourselves so we don’t get so tired.”

McCann declined to answer, saying that the players would have a better answer to that than he would.

My last question to each of them was “What are you most excited for this year?” The answers were quite varied this time around as well.

Hayly replied with, “I’m really excited to see how far our team can go and make some new friends.”

Brett responded with, “Coming together (the team) and reaching farther, like, accomplishing our goals.”

Bryce’s response was a little less noble, with him saying, “To be the last team played in the fall.” Samantha replied, “Playing Libero,” a specific position in volleyball.

McCann answered, “I am most excited to see our teams go out and compete. We have some talented teams this fall. Watching them develop and improve will be fun to watch. My hope is that by playoff time, we have healthy rosters that are playing to their maximum potential. I would like to encourage community members, staff and the student body to come watch some of the things our athletes are doing. Best of luck to our all programs.”

I would also like to encourage anybody who wants to see a game or support the teams to come out and do so. You can find a calendar with all the scheduled events on the school website. Regardless, I’m sure that this is going to be a great year!