WVCS Hosting Presentation

Early intervention is the key to helping kids avoid falling into substance abuse and addiction.

On Tuesday, October 20, the West Valley Central School District is hosting a presentation for parents by Jessica Hutchings, LMSW, who runs the Face 2 Face program for Kids Escaping Drugs.

Face 2 Face is a proactive, educational program that partners with school districts throughout Western New York. Its goal is to reach students and parents before or in the earliest stages of drug and alcohol use in order to alter children’s decision making so that substance abuse is not necessary in their future.

Hutchings will discuss current trends and provide parents with ways to spot signs and symptoms of substance abuse. She also will describe prevention and early intervention programs and provide educational resources and materials.

In addition, the parent of a child who is now clean after going through the drug treatment center at Kids Escaping Drugs will be on hand to discuss the family’s experience.

The presentation is open to parents from throughout the region. Registration is not necessary. It begins at 7 p.m. in the West Valley School auditorium.