By Jann Wiswall

During the Town of Ellicottville’s board meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 15, Supervisor John Burrell reported that the police department has received a $1,620 grant from the Department of Motor Vehicles to be used to pay for officer time helping with vehicle inspections, registrations and other work supporting the DMV. More good news is that town revenue figures at yearend were up.

Burrell also reported that:

Kody Sprague asked Burrell for permission to place directional signs to the Ellicottville Square property on signposts that currently direct people to the town center and the courts. The board felt that it would set a precedent to mix municipal and commercial signage in that way. Burrell said he would let Sprague know the board’s decision and would suggest he ask the Village Planning Board about options for directional signage.

Burrell was contacted by Bob Keis, an active member of the Cattaraugus County Republican Party, who asked if the group could hold meetings in the Town Center’s auditorium. Keis offered to pay $75 per meeting to offset overhead. The board had no objection to this arrangement.

Burrell and Village Mayor Charlie Coolidge worked out an arrangement that reduces the village’s share of the use and maintenance of the Village/Town Hall to 33 percent from 50 percent. The village board approved the proposal at its meeting on Monday, Jan. 13.

A new copier has been installed in the Village/Town Hall. The town is also looking at replacing several computers.

Department Head Reports

Ellicottville Police Officer in Charge Don Auge and the board will be reviewing the standard operating procedures for the department. The board will make any needed changes and get the document to all police officers on CDs.

Auge said that he is getting bids for license plate readers for town police vehicles. The readers can take images of thousands of license plates per minute and immediately send them to police databases to check plate numbers for violations or stolen vehicle reports.

Highway Department Head Dave Golley said that all regular roadway maintenance and snow removal activities have been going smoothly so far this season. He has been talking with the owner of a property adjacent to the highway barn on Bryant Hill Road about obtaining an easement to allow department vehicles to drive across part of his property in emergencies. The owner agreed and offered to swap the easement for a piece of town-owned property. The board agreed that this arrangement makes sense. Burrell will ask Town Attorney Kathleen Moriarty to draw up an agreement and Town Engineer Mark Alianello will work with Golley to develop a map of the relevant property.

Alianello, who has been out of town for several weeks, will be getting status updates on several ongoing projects and will be scheduling a meeting with National Grid to discuss street lighting options. A recent water surge in a valve at HoliMont is of particular concern to Alianello.

“Either something we did was wrong or there’s something wrong with the valve,” he said. He will work with HoliMont to get the problem resolved.

Town Assessor Harry Weissman reported that the process of getting seniors registered for Senior STAR has been going well. At a recent countywide assessors meeting, he learned that Ellicottville’s assessments are coming in at about 2 percent lower this year, while most other areas in the county are down more. Home sale prices also are down slightly.

At the suggestion of board member Greg Fitzpatrick, the meeting was adjourned in memory of Dale E. Golley, who served as the town’s water superintendent for 25 years. Golley passed away at age 66 on Dec. 31.

The next meeting of the town board is scheduled for Feb. 19.