By Jennie Acklin

With no pending applications in front of the Town of Ellicottville’s Planning Board, members moved on to the Comprehensive Plan review process.

According to Town Planner Gary Palumbo, “The 1990 Comprehensive Plan was substantially rewritten in 2006, and then amended in 2009, 2011 and 2012.  The intent of this current update is to keep up with local development trends, new social and environmental concerns and to incorporate the newest (applicable) management strategies.”

Palumbo recommended adding three new chapters to the document, to include: 1.) Recommendations and Implementation, 2.) Periodic Reviews, and 3.) the SEQR Review Process.

Palumbo started the review with Chapter I – Introduction. This chapter sets out the purpose of the Plan, and cites the authority of NYS enabling legislation.

Next was Chapter 7 , which details Goals and Objectives. The introduction of this chapter states, “Ellicottville is fortunate that it remains a community that offers a positive quality of life to all of its residents, whether permanent or seasonal. The elements that together create Ellicottville’s quality of life include:

• A clean mountain environment with natural beauty

• A rural way of life and desirable family lifestyle

• Abundant opportunity for outdoor recreation

• A community of people with diverse backgrounds and interests working in harmony

• High quality of municipal services and public facilities

Board members had many questions for Palumbo, and there was detailed discussion on many of the points. The process for the review and rewrite process will be monthly discussions of a particular chapter or chapters. Palumbo will then make the suggested revisions, bring back for the board to review at the next meeting, and then open discussions for the subsequent chapter.

“How would the Route 219 expansion affect Ellicottville, even though that may not happen in our lifetime?” was one of the more interesting questions, raised by planning board member Sherri Barerra. Palumbo emphasized that this example is why the Plan needs to be reviewed and updated, and that new development opportunities are addressed for the future of Ellicottville.

The next Town Planning Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 30 at 6 p.m.