The final meeting for 2014 of the Ellicottville Historical Society was held Oct. 8. Officers were elected for 2015 and revisions to the constitution were voted on. Officers are Dawn Westfall, president; Ellen Frank, vice president; Sue Parsons, secretary; and Judy Brown, treasurer. All new officers and changes to the constitution were unanimously approved.

Changes to the constitution were made to make the organization a smoothly working operation. Committees will be formed to do the work of the organization in fulfilling its purpose and objectives.

The purpose of the Historical Society is “to study and preserve the historical record of the Township of Ellicottville and its vicinity and to keep alive the spirit and tradition of our heritage.”

The 2015 meetings and speaker series will be held on the second Wednesday of each month, May through October.

The Historical Museum is open by appointment only until next June. Please contact the Town Historian Mary Elizabeth Dunbar at (716) 699-2162 if you have a need for historical research.