By Connie Poulin, Principal, Ellicottville Elementary School

Ellicottville Elementary has been designated as a High Achieving Reward School by the New York State Education Department.

As a High Achieving Reward School, Ellicottville Elementary is:

• recognized as a school leading the State toward the accomplishment of educational excellence through an increase in student achievement;

• among 361 high achieving and high progress schools in New York State designated as Reward Schools for 2015-16 from 117 school districts;

• is among schools with the highest level of achievement in the state as measured by the NY State ELA and Math Assessments without significant gaps in student achievement between subgroups.

We are very proud of the recognition for outstanding student performance by the Education Commissioner and Board of Regents. Please join me in celebrating the work of our talented, dedicated Ellicottville Elementary staff. This reward would never have been achieved without tremendously supportive families. Parents, we deeply appreciate your respect and trust!

Achieving designation as a Reward School is truly a significant accomplishment. It really is indicative of the staff’s steadfast dedication to work collaboratively. It is my tremendous privilege to watch my colleagues positively support each other as they work as a team.  They roll up their sleeves and take on a rigorous curriculum with a “can-do-it” attitude. Our staff is “in tune” with one another because they do work so collaboratively in their efforts to ensure student academic achievement. We ALL believe in our students!