EVL-CHeese-1By Alicia Dziak

Ellicottville is now home to a fabulous new cheese shop. EVL Cheese Company is located at 5 Washington St., in the plaza next to Kwik Fill.

The company’s tag line of “Sliced from the Cuba Cheese Shoppe” is very fitting. EVL Cheese Company is owned by Sarah Bradley, whose parents, Jeff and Jane Bradley, have owned Cuba Cheese Shoppe since 1991.

Cuba Cheese has become a staple in Western New York. According to their web site, “The current Shoppe continues to promote Cuba Cheese. They sell over 300 varieties of domestic, imported and local cheeses, gourmet foods, gift baskets, gift items, kitchen wares, cheese curd, salt rising bread and more. They have added a wholesale truck delivery service and deliver to over 140 stores in the Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania areas. A fund raising department was started in 1994 and over 100 organizations participate in this program. The mail order business has greatly expanded to include an in -house mailing list of over 80,000 customers across the United States.”

“I soon realized there was a market for this in Ellicottville,” Bradley said, who joined the family business in 2011.

Although the connection between EVL Cheese and Cuba Cheese is clear, Bradley is quick to point out that EVL Cheese is “not Cuba Cheese Part Two.” While EVL Cheese offers some of the same products, it also differs in many ways.

“The stores are in two totally different markets,” Bradley emphasized.

While touring the store, she pointed out various items geared toward visitors to the town. Since EVL gets a lot of international traffic from our neighbors to the north, certain products are offered with Canadians in mind, while others are geared toward locals.

“EVL Cheese has a service case, which holds the high end cheeses that can be cut,” Bradley explained. “In addition, EVL Cheese offers a variety of other local products, from maple syrup and honey, to bread, pottery and artwork. We want to encourage local products that fit this store.”

In addition to this local flair, EVL Cheese boasts a bulk food section and a spreads case offering hummus, dips and more.

With sprawling cases of over 225 different cheeses from around the world, EVL Cheese has a huge selection.

“Of course we have the famous Cuba Cheese Shoppe New York State Cheddar, as well as smoked cheeses, bleu cheese, brie, cheese curd, and Old York spreads, among others,” said Bradley.

For those looking for a tasty appetizer for their next party, EVL Cheese has got you covered with their cheese tray service.

“We will work with customers, give recommendations and completely customize a cheese tray, and have it available for pickup or delivery,” Bradley said.

EVL Cheese will also be offering gift baskets for the holidays, pre-made or customizable.

Besides its prime location in the village, EVL Cheese offers easy, off-street parking for the store.

“This is a walking town, but I also have a perishable product, so the parking is huge,” she said. “So far, people seem really happy we’re here. There’s nothing like this in Ellicottville and it really fits the town.”

Stop into EVL Cheese this weekend and stock up on some deliciously unique food items — perfect for hiking, biking or just hanging out in EVL during Fall Fest.

EVL Cheese is open daily from 10 a.m.–6 p.m. For more information, call (716) 699-1065.