evgvtrailFall Fest Educational and Fundraising Tent Planned

by Jennie Acklin

The Ellicottville-Great Valley Trail committee held a meeting on Sept. 17, 2013, at the Town Center building.

TEP Grant

Mark Alianello talked in detail about the TEP grant application that was submitted last month.  He worked closely with landscape architect and trail planner Rick Manning, from Ithaca, N.Y., who was hired by the committee to create the master plan for the trail. Kate O’Striker and Lynda Stevens were also instrumental in putting the application together, as were many other committee members.

Over 20 letters of support were received, and submitted with the application, which included letters from Senator Charles Schumer, Senator Catherinre Young, Congressman Tom Reed,  Assemblyman Joseph Giglio, as well as local supporters.

Putting the application together was a highly detailed process, and many new trail opportunities were discovered while doing so. A general description of the route encompassed by this potential “transportation” grant, connects key community facilities and areas: Ellicottville’s new Town Center building (formerly the Cooperative Extension Building), the Village Park, the Ellicottville Memorial Library, the Town and Village Hall, the Village Square, downtown businesses, out to the intersection of Holiday Valley, and onward to Ellicottville Central School buildings.

It may be several months until the committee will know if their application has been accepted, but everyone involved is very optimistic.

Trail Master Plan Status

A general discussion of potential routes, phases and loops was led by Manning, with map details of potential routes presented. It is important, as Manning and Alianello pointed out, that these are merely possible routes and directions, not finalized plans. It is hoped to have a completed master plan in the next month or so. Having a master plan will allow the committee to have a formal document to present during fundraising efforts, grant applications and other presentations.

The report contents will include a summary of the proposed project, a regional trails overview, a section on Trails and Tourism — Comparable Trails in Other Communities, Existing Conditions, Obstacles and Opportunities. Also, a section will be included for detailed Network Description of a Trail by Trail Summary, Trail Design Standards, and a section for Cost and Implementation, and Funding and Maintenance will be included. Our diverse recreation area allows for many opportunities and connection points, and the challenge is to include ways to connect as many as possible.

Board Elections Held

The committee held elections over the summer and a board of directors was formed. Ken Hinman, Mark Alianello, Ted LaCroix, Kate O’Striker, Jennie Acklin and Kathleen Moriarty were all nominated by committee members. The board of directors also elected officers, as part of the requirements to form non-profit corporation, which also has been accepted by the IRS.  Ken Hinman was elected president, Jennie Acklin as vice president, Kathleen Moriarty as treasurer, and Kate O’Striker as secretary. Ted LaCroix and Mark Alianello will serve as members of the board.

EVGV Trail Fall Fest Tent

The EVGV Trail will have a tent at Fall Fest this year and will be located next to the Gazebo by the Town Hall. The Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce gave permission to Hinman to set up a tent for educating the public about the trail and to encourage donations.

Brochures and maps will be available, and trail donation envelopes and merchandise will be available for any individual or business interested in donating to the trail. Committee members will be available to talk with anyone interested in details of the trail.

Several items will be raffled at the Fall Fest tent. Anyone interested in donating items should contact Ken Hinman at (716) 474-8214 or any other board member or trail committee member.

Trail Logo Design

A logo design was presented at the meeting and, after a few revisions from Jane Eshbaugh and Jennie Acklin, a final logo was created. The image depicts the local mountain terrain and a winding trail, used by cyclists and joggers. EVGV TRAIL will be used as a shortened acronym for the Ellicottville-Great Valley Trail (as shown). A web page design will be the next project undertaken, so that information is quick and easy to find, and making a donation will be an easy “click.”

Volunteers and Donations Needed

Please consider volunteering your talents and time to help build the trail or making an individual or business tax-deductible donation. A trail fundraising campaign to pay for planning, as well as construction and future maintenance of the trail, has been launched — and you can help today.

Make a tax-deductible donation online today at www. cattfoundation.org, or by mailing your check payable to: Ellicottville-Great Valley Trail Fund, c/o Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation, 120 N. Union St., Olean, NY 14706.