Phase 1 Construction to Begin Spring 2015

By Jennie Acklin

The Master Plan for the Ellicottville/Great Valley Trail was approved at the Nov. 11, 2014 meeting of the Trail Committee, after more than a year of work by the committee and planner Rick Manning, a landscape architect from Ithaca, NY.

The Trail Master Plan describes in detail the proposed 15-mile network of multi-use trails that will expand the active transportation and recreation options for area residents and visitors.  Like many other successful ski resort communities, Ellicottville and Great Valley are planning this trail network to link and expand other spring, summer and fall programming facilities. Mountain biking and on-road bicycling are already highly popular activities in the region. The trail will accommodate bicyclers as well as families, children, walkers, joggers and other users by creating a safe, comfortable and accessible non-motorized transportation and recreation system.

The Ellicottville/Great Valley Trail Master Plan provides the road map for achieving the communities’ vision for trail development over the next two decades. It is an essential tool for potential funding agencies, which expect that a community has gone through a planning process that not only identifies trail projects and priorities, but also demonstrates that a trail development partnership has been formed with broad public support. This trail planning effort is being led by the Ellicottville/Great Valley Trail Committee, with support from the Towns of Ellicottville and Great Valley, the Village of Ellicottville and an enthusiastic following of citizens.

The document, which includes the local trail route descriptions, trail design standards, implementation, operations and management and a summary/conclusions section, will be used for grant applications, funding opportunities and general information inquiries.

The Master Plan was presented to the Great Valley Planning Board last week at its monthly meeting, and will be presented to the Ellicottville Town and Village Planning Boards this month.

The Trail Route descriptions section provides trail route details for each of the nine proposed trail phases:

  1. Village of Ellicottville to Ellicottville Central School Trail
  2. Town Center Trail
  3. HoliMont Sidewalk
  4. Holiday Valley Trail
  5. Great Valley Creek Trail Loop
  6. Village Center Trail
  7. Village Rail with Trail
  8. Great Valley Creek Trail South
  9. Great Valley Creek Trail Northeast Extension

Phase 1 Construction 

The committee discussed plans for the first phase of the trail from the village of Ellicottville to Ellicottville Central School to begin in the spring of 2015. Extensive engineering, design, permitting and other related research will be necessary before the project is “shovel-ready,” and funding for the first phase still must be acquired.

The committee began advertising for a Fundraising Director this past week. The ideal professional will develop a successful financial campaign to fund the construction of the various phases of the Trail. Experience with corporate and individual donor relationships, drafting grant applications, and driving local awareness and community support will be key. Anyone interested in applying for the position is encouraged to submit an application and references to the EVGV Trail Committee, PO Box 1622, Ellicottville NY 14731.

For more information about the EVGV Trail, follow its Facebook page, Trail, or call 716-699-4062.